Highlighting the Benefits of Aging

Life just keeps getting better for aging adults, and the benefits of aging are significant.  

WSJ journalist Anne Tergesen talks about the clinical studies supporting  the idea that factors like mood, mental acuity, decision making and accidents all turn out to be as good or better for older workers than for younger ones.

I particularly love how the idea that the best years of our lives lie behind us is soundly trounced by a Stanford study that measured moods in a sample population over a decade. We actually feel more optimistic, grateful and less lonely as we age.

These findings contribute to a growing awareness that more can and should be made of life and career over 50, and that while we all recognize that the body and mind eventually decline, we are witnessing a new life stage where we can actually discuss the benefits of aging as a real, actionable scenario.

About John

John Tarnoff is a career transition coach, speaker and best-selling author who helps late-career professionals transition to meaningful second-act careers beyond traditional retirement.

Following a successful career as a Hollywood film executive and tech entrepreneur, he reinvented his own career at 50, earning a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology to focus on professional development and training.

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