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Your Career

Apply the Three Elements Career Builder Framework to: 

  • Communicate the specific value that you deliver in your work, and your unique portfolio of experience and expertise.
  • Receive the support and encouragement from a community of colleagues and allies who understand your value and will connect and refer you to business partners, recruiters, employers, clients, and customers.
  • Successfully navigate career and business disruptions while seeing and capitalizing on opportunities that cross your path.

Regardless of how you engage with this curriculum, you're going to emerge with a greater sense of clarity and commitment to what you believe and know is right for your career.

You'll have the tools to build and achieve the life and career that suit you best.

Choose Your Experience

Coach 1:1

Working with me in a 1:1 program is a close, personal, and in-depth opportunity to explore the Three Elements to fully understand yourself, the forces and experiences that have shaped your career, and the opportunities you now have to recapture your purpose, and confidently proceed with greater certainty and a sense of agency.

Together, we'll focus on your unique "zone of genius," the most important and impactful part of what you do and deliver through your work.

We'll create a personalized career action plan to leverage the Three Elements to suit your particular needs, situation, and goals.

Schedule a (Free) Strategy Call to learn more about the 1:1 program and how we could work together to take your career to the next level!

Join a Small Group

Enjoy the support of a cohort of like-minded, motivated professionals who are also taking their careers to the next level and leveraging the Three Elements to get there. You'll use the coaching handouts to prepare for each session, and then engage with me and in small breakout groups with your cohort to apply the skills and tools that you're working with.

In our group discussions, you'll have the chance to share your own experiences, epiphanies, and insights, as well as to support your fellow participants. You'll share questions and concerns about your current work situation and get feedback and suggestions from the group and from me as your facilitator.

I've been facilitating small groups of 10-20 participants since 2017


Mid-Career Professionals


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Small Group

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Join the monthly Community Q&A

Join the monthly Career@50 Q&A Zoom meetings to check in with me and with other community members to explore a career topic from current headlines and one of the Three Elements themes or content categories.

You'll also get to hear from and share with others about current challenges as well as successes people are having in changing jobs, roles, and careers to new, more engaging opportunities.

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Take a Self-Paced Course

Learn at your own pace to get familiar with some of the core principles, skills, and tools of the Three Elements Career Builder curriculum.

If you're at the early stages of your career change journey, this is a great way to see if the Three Elements curriculum resonates with you and you'll receive a ton of value that you'll be able to use right away.

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Frequently asked questions

Does this program apply to any career, job or business situation?

Yes! From the beginning, this is a program that you will tailor to your experience and to your goals. It is an internally focused, reflective, personal development process that relates to any business.  

This methodology is designed to help your take better control of your career by being more intentional about how your define yourself and your work.  No matter what field you're in, this process will strengthen your resolve, and improve your ability to make beetter career choices.

Will the Curriculum Prepare Me for Job Interviews?

Absolutely! By getting a clearer sense of who they are and what they're looking for in their next position, they will come across as prepared, confident, and directed. Remember: they don't want to get just any job offer, only the ones that really spark their interest, and where they can be most effective (and most appreciated!).

Is There a Lot of Homework?

Participants can expect to spend approximately 10-20 minutes/day on their journal. Other assignments can be as little as an hour/week. The most time-intensive assignment will be the Feedback meetings that participants will set up and take with trusted colleagues/friends to get their outside perspective on their strengths, challenges, and opportunities. This activity can be spread over the course of the program and could represent one or two hours for each scheduled meeting.

Can I Fit This Into My Schedule?

While there is homework and prep recommended for each session, Coaching 1:1 and Small Group sessions are designed and scheduled to accommodate working professionals juggling busy work and personal calendars. 

Community Meetings are scheduled only once/month, and Courses are self-paced.

Are the Sessions Confidential?

All Coaching 1:1 and Small Group sessions are 100% confidential. Community Meetings are public, so are not confidential.

In a Small Group setting, participants may be initially reluctant or uncomfortable sharing information with people they haven't met before.

Each Group participant will agree to a confidentiality statement as part of their sign-up process, in which they agree to not discuss any issues or topics (or names) that come up in the meetings.

Additionally, the facilitator will advise and coach participants on how to share the underlying essence of what they need to discuss or work on, without revealing unnecessary details.

Each participant in the Group is dealing with their own set of challenges, and at the end of the day, they will all be sharing together. This sets up an intrinsically safe environment where everyone understands that they are in a similar situation.  This helps ensure the confidentiality of what's discussed.

What If I Have to Reschedule or Miss a Session?

For Coaching 1:1 programs, there is a 24-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. Clients will be charged pro-rata for a makeup session if they fail to cancel or reschedule their session within that time frame.

For Small Group programs, each meeting will be recorded, and these recordings will be available to registered participants for the duration of the Program. If they miss a meeting, they will have access to the recording.

To further ensure privacy, the recordings will be deleted from the server 30 days after the conclusion of the Program.

Which Program is for You?


Coaching 1:1

small Groups

Career@50 Q&A


Personalized Coach/Client  Experience


Group + Coach Interaction




Flexible Scheduling



Fixed Scheduling








I love working with my clients!

I've been blessed with a fascinating, if somewhat tumultuous career. I've worked with some of the top creative minds in the entertainment world, including movie stars, directors, great artists, teachers, and even a charismatic ex-con.

I've pitched startup decks to Silicon Valley VCs, scouted film locations in Zimbabwe and Thailand, and survived a near crash of a helicopter in Australia's Kakadu National Park.

But the greatest personal satisfaction I've received to date in my career is the experience of working closely and personally with my career coaching clients.

Their commitment to finding their inner purpose, and their dedication to crafting a compelling narrative to fuel and inspire their next stage careers often leaves me speechless and in awe at the end of a session.

"Your coaching me on how to rethink and revise my LinkedIn profile was key to landing this job. The new value proposition you helped me write captured exactly the kind of person they were looking for: me!

"Thanks for all your support, John. I know it helped me secure the spot."

Peg M.


"Your advice to "own" your age (I'm 54) and not be afraid of it, gave me the confidence to be my authentic self. As it turns out, the CEO of this company was looking for someone with exactly my experience and more importantly someone with that type of authenticity and self confidence. One week and two interviews later I have what is potentially the best opportunity of my career. Thank you very much for the work you do."

Michael G.

chief operations officer

 "John helped me recreate and redefine my professional story. In his coaching exercises, he helped me understand and realize how important it is to relate your true voice and passions when both spoken and written in your job search. John's dedication and commitment to me was something I truly valued. He was willing to go the extra mile to help me out when you needed it, and always provided solutions. I highly recommend John and would love to work with him again."

Brad N.

Multi-Platform Sports Marketing, Branding, Communications Consultant

"John is the personal cheerleader that everyone needs. His rare ability to empathetically help his coachees cut through the "noise" and focus on the things that really matter with practical actions make his services a must-have for people at all phases of their career. While John is an expert in career mobility for those in their late stage careers, his advice and guidance is applicable across all age groups, industries, and interests."

Katie G.

learning strategist | design thinker

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