Your Professional Brand

After decades in the workforce, your many achievements and experiences make you especially qualified in your field.

Develop greater awareness of what sets you apart, and learn how to create a consistent message around that value.

What is a "Professional" Brand?

What makes it different from a "personal" brand?


Your decades on the job mean a lot. Your achievements and insights are grounded in the certainty that you know your work - and your worth.

More Accurate

Your long track record has much greater resonance and application to solve today's problems and to do so more specifically and explicitly. 

More Respected

What you have to say is backed by your authority and the time you've accrued. You've learned the lessons and developed the strategies that can benefit others.

Learn Ways to Make a More Compelling Impact

In these articles, I talk about various aspects of your professional brand, and how to build it, grow it, and support it.

Your professional brand combines your values with your professional authority to deliver a unique and very specific picture of the kind of professional you are, and what your employer or your client can expect from you.

Create a more expressive and transparent window into what you stand for and into what motivates you to do the work that you do.

Defining Your Unique Value Proposition

How I Developed My Professional Brand

This is not something that happened overnight.  I didn't just get up one morning and decide to develop a professional brand plan.

Like most of the insights that come to us as we get older, the idea took shape over time. 

Perhaps it started when I realized that I was one of the oldest people (and eventually the oldest person) in the room. People began looking at me as if I knew what I was talking about. Or they would come up to me and thank me for having shared some tip or piece of advice. This feedback was helpful for me to better understand how I could be more effective in working with people, and how I could do a better job of using my skills and experience to benefit them.

This is likely a similar introspective process that will help you come up with the key value drivers of your own professional brand.

Does your LinkedIn Profile 

Reflect Your Professional Brand?

Get a Free copy of my special Swipe File to learn how other professionals have optimized their LinkedIn Headline and About Section.

These ten examples of well-drafted LinkedIn profiles will get you started on creating an expressive and impressive statement of the value that you offer. 

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