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The School of Reinvention with Roger Osorio

Reinvention expert Roger Osorio helps people build an aligned life without sacrificing their income, lifestyle, or values. Through solo episodes and special guest interviews, his podcast shares resources to help listeners create opportunities instead of (...more)

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Inside-Out Career Design with Nicola Vetter and Peter Axtell
People in Transition with Bob Gerst
Free Agent Podcast with Meg Schmitz
Role Models with Jennifer Norman
The Brand Called You with Ashutosh Garg
The Bucket List Career with Christa Lauri
Second Act Stories with Andy Levine
Coaches to the Moon with Alex Morris
Authentic Change with Mike Horne
Creating Your Encore Career with Lynn Friesth
The Peak Stage with Caren Glasser on Vitalcy
The Workplace Therapist Show with Brandon Smith
365 Driven with Tony Whatley
ManoPod Podcast with Larry Essrig and Mike Pollack
3-Day Weekend Entrepreneur with Wade Galt
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