It's not about what you do. 

It's about what you deliver

Stop Thinking Like An Employee

Start Behaving Like A Consultant

To compete successfully today, you need to productize what you do.

This doesn't mean that you are a product - or some de-humanized widget or cog in a big economic machine.

Quite the contrary!

We're actually emerging out of the industrial age where we traded time for dollars and accepted that as the way of the world.

But with the pace of change accelerating steadily, each of us has to be prepared to offer a more specific skillset that meets specific needs in the marketplace.

We have to be responsible as professionals for evaluating and defining what we can offer that meets the needs of the marketplace.

Out of everything that you CAN do, what do you do BEST?

To get more traction in today's world, start by updating your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the first place  people will go to check you out.  Make sure your profile is engaging and does the best job of properly representing you, what you can do, and what you stand for.

Download my collection of ten LinkedIn profile Headline and About Section examples to help you draft your update.

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