professional mission statement

Don’t underestimate the power and the value of a professional mission statement. It lays the foundation of your most important values, goals, and aspirations. It also signals to prospective employers, investors, colleagues, and connections that you are a thoughtful and purposeful professional. It might be the deciding factor that triggers a job offer, promotion, or READ MORE

Why Your New Professional Mission Statement Can Land You a Better Job
age discrimination age bias

If your job was turned upside down in 2020, or you’re thinking you could get laid off at any moment, what are your prospects for 2021? Not only is age discrimination not going away, it may get worse. Watch for three trends that are impacting workers over 50. But also consider three tactics you can use to circumvent age bias and remain competitive and sought-after.


Don’t Let Age Discrimination Ruin Your Job: Lessons from the Pandemic