Mastering Mid-Life Transitions with Courtney Page


Courtney Page and I had a far-reaching conversation on her re:sume podcast.

We talked about a number of career hot topics, including:

  • How to not take it personally when you get fired
  • The importance of your elevator pitch and how to craft it
  • OMG it’s all about your network!
  • Why mid-life career transition is so different
  • Why defining your career Superpower is your gateway to working your way

And more!

Courtney is a smart and resourceful career coach and consultant and it was great to meet her and compare notes.

Check out the episode:

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John Tarnoff is an executive and career transition coach, speaker, and author who supports mid and late-career professionals in defining, planning, and achieving more meaningful and sustainable careers.

Fired 39% during his 35 years as a film producer, studio executive and tech entrepreneur, he learned how to turn setbacks into successes in a volatile business. He reinvented his own career at 50, earning a master’s degree in counseling psychology to share his career lessons with others going through similar challenges.

Since leaving entertainment in 2010, John has coached individuals, groups, and led career workshops for university alumni, including for UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. Corporate coaching clients have included Bank of America, Bridgewater Assoc., Levi-Strauss, Softbank, TD Ameritrade, and Thrive Global.

He is the author of the best-selling Boomer Reinvention: How to Create your Dream Career Over 50 and has been named a Top Influencer in Aging by PBS/NextAvenue.


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