Career Over 50

Being Told You’re Overqualified? Here’s How to Succeed and Upgrade Your Career Over 50

Told you’re overqualified for a job you want? Here’s how to circumvent and push back against ageism and misinformation and get that gig!

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Thought Leader

Be a Thought Leader to Build Your Reputation

A thought leader is someone with opinions shaped by experience, interaction, and critical thinking, who is known for the way they articulate their particular point of view. In our connected, social-media-dominated world, engaging as a thought leader by publishing blog posts and comments is a great way to stand out in a competitive career marketplace.

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new job

Looking For a New Job? Keep a Journal!

Finding a new job entails searching, but it also demands reflection. Process your ideas, intentions, anxieties and aspirations through keeping a daily journal. Journals are a staple of transformational work. If you have used journals to help you lose weight, to track a business project, or simply to document a particular period in your life,

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job interview

Take Control of Your Job Interview: Be a Problem Solver

Use your job interview as an opportunity to actively frame your value proposition, vs. merely answering questions. Dan Goetz, a business owner I profile in my book, Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50, began using his job interviews as a way of interviewing the interviewer (and the company). In the process,

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