Do more than Find a job:

build a sustainable career

Be more confident

  • Know your value. Stand tall in your expertise & your experience.

be more useful

  • Define your value proposition and how what you do makes a bottom line difference for your company, your clients, or your customers.

be more connected

  • Build your network to get referred to the right opportunities. Build relationships with the people who will support and promote you.

take back control of your career process!

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sending out resumes won't get you the job you want

Did you know..?


of recruiters rely on LinkedIn to find and evaluate candidates.

of resumes are rejected before they reach the hiring manager.

of job openings are filled by referrals, not by resume submissions.

of employers have rejected a candidate based on their social media profiles

What's worse:

95% of job applicants don't make it to the interview.

you need a program!

Fight back against the broken recruiting and hiring process!

  • Focus on the clear, measurable, specific skills, experiences, strategies, and solutions you can offer an employer, client, investor, or partner.
  • Create a compelling career narrative that demonstrates and crystallizes your unique value proposition.
  • Build an activated network to find, connect to, and collaborate with the colleagues, recruiters, mentors, and allies who can refer you to the right people and opportunities.

don't waste your time trying to fit into their agenda

  • Stop being a supplicant pleading for the chance to prove that you're worthy of their consideration.
  • Stand up for who you are, what you do, what you know, and your vision for how you can make a difference.
  • Present yourself as the perfect solution to the problems and challenges that you are trained and capable of delivering.
  • Track and pursue the opportunities that mesh with your value proposition.
  • Get referred to the opportunities that are already looking for someone with exactly the skills, experience, and vision that you offer.

become a career magnet

not a job seeker

create your sustainable career

Begin with 3 key career Steps

get started turning your potential into reality

"As a headhunter, I can count on one hand the number of career coaches who actually know what they're talking about.

"You're one of the few whose advice is actually useful and accurate."

Jackie Mathys

Co-Founder, Mathys + Potestio

how i can help you

three career stages

You have different needs and different perspectives at different stages of your career. I work with you to apply my program to particular requirements of career transition for the time and circumstance you are currently going through.


If you've established yourself in your field, you'll be looking for opportunities either in your current role or company as well as outside it. 

Use the system to create a clear message around your value proposition in order to understand what your options are, where you currently fit, and how you can navigate to a new and more advantageous position.


As you enter into a peak performance stage, you will be looking for ways to preserve your momentum and leverage your experience while also differentiating yourself from your competition. Finding a greater sense of meaning and purpose in this stage is key to stepping into greater leadership and greater authenticity

Second-Act Career

Traditional retirement is no longer an aspirational goal for engaged, achievement-oriented professionals. The second-act career stage is a transition to a period of even greater meaning and purpose, coupled with a desire to mentor and share the wisdom of lessons learned.  This is a stage that the system was specifically designed to address.

why coaching works

  • You make your own plan and the coach helps you stay accountable to yourself.
  • Every session is an opportunity to reflect on your performance and improve your game.
  • Your coach is the one person in your career process who is 100% unconditionally in your corner.
  • It's a safe space to work through your fears, build your confidence, and perfect your pitch.
  • Coaching accelerates your career process by pushing you to focus, stay on point, and maximize every opportunity.

The average job search in the u.s. takes 5 months

If you could shave 1 month off that average, how much would that be worth to you?

Things are different today...

the hiring process is more challenging than ever

These 3 career practices will build your self-reliance and set you up for success.

A special focus on the second act

This is where my coaching program began. 

As a boomer, I was struck by how unprepared my generation was (and is) to keep working beyond traditional retirement. With ageism and outdated thinking pushing older workers out of their jobs, I wanted to give them a practical system they could follow to remain in the workforce.

So I literally wrote the book on second-act careers to encourage boomers (initially) and anyone over 50 to stay in the game and continue to work, create a career they find enjoyable and meaningful, and continue to save for an eventual retirement.

After I published the book, I found many gen-x and millennials contacting me with the same message: "You may have written this book for boomers, but the system applies to me, too!"

"This inspiring and yet very practical book provides a step by step guide to tap into our second-act career."  

arianna huffington

Founder, Huffington Post

Founder - CEO, Thrive Global

"Your coaching me on how to rethink and revise my LinkedIn profile was key to landing this job. The new value proposition you helped me write captured exactly the kind of person they were looking for: me!

"Thanks for all your support, John. I know it helped me secure the spot."

Peg M.

Journalist, Editorial Director

"Your advice to 'own' your age (I'm 54) and not be afraid of it, gave me the confidence to be my authentic self. As it turns out, the CEO of this company was looking for someone with exactly my experience, authenticity, and self confidence.

"One week and two interviews later I have what is potentially the best opportunity of my career. Thank you very much for the work you do!"

Michael G.

C-Level Operations Exec.

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Instead of succumbing to fear, empower yourself. Create your next job and your second act career. Stand tall in the new narrative that will bring the gig to you.


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