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thought leader

Why You Should Become a Thought Leader

A thought leader is someone with opinions shaped by experience, interaction, and critical thinking, who is known for the way they articulate their particular point of view. In our connected, social-media-dominated

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Smart Networking Will Bring the Job to You

“Chase relationships, not job openings.” This is a mantra I share with my graduate students as well as with my boomer clients when it comes to networking. This represents a paradigm shift away from

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new job

Looking For a New Job? Keep a Journal!

Finding a new job entails searching, but it also demands reflection. Process your ideas, intentions, anxieties and aspirations through keeping a daily journal. Journals are a staple of transformational

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Take Control of Your Job Interview: Be a Problem Solver

Dan Goetz, a business owner I profile in my book, Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50, used to see himself (pre-reinvention) as a hired gun. After he was let go as CEO of a family-owned

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Make Your Own Luck: Create an Affirmation

Do you subscribe to the idea that change is an “inside job?” Getting a new job or starting a new business is not simply about fielding opportunities. And change is certainly not a matter

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job hunter

Don’t Be a Job Hunter, Be a Job Magnet

One of the most intimidating concepts new job seekers encounter is the idea that they have to be aggressive about the process: they have to be a job hunter. But older workers looking to get hired or start

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Playing the Victim

Stop Playing the Victim Card

Playing the victim is a pointless and short-lived exercise. When you’re trying to restart your career, blaming others won’t work. Leadership is important, even (and especially) if it is about

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millennials simon sinek

Why Millennials Act Entitled

Management and leadership guru Simon Sinek explains with compassion but no pity why millennials behave as they do – often alienating older generations who think of them as entitled and narcissistic. He

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