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second-act career

Start Your Second-Act Career with a ROBS Rollover

Resources abound for individuals looking to start a new business for a second-act career, from multiple loans options to crowdfunding, etc. But the Rollovers for Business Start-ups (ROBS) strategy stands

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Working Retirement

Why A Working Retirement Makes Sense

No surprise to anyone keeping tabs on the issue of Social Security and aging Americans, but here’s a great video report from PBS News Hour on why it a working retirement makes economic sense for

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Office Productivity

Productivity Hacks: Review Your System

The following post on productivity first appeared on my blog at Guidant Financial. At the beginning of the year, I like to review the systems and procedures I’m using to see if there are ways I can improve

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Journaling as the First Step Towards Reinvention

This short video from chiropractor Dr. Sean McConathy is a wonderful distillation of the value of journaling, and how it is more than just a pathway to achieving more mentally. It is also an overall healthy

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Career Uncertainty

6 Steps to Embrace Career Uncertainty

Dealing with career uncertainty can be one of the toughest challenges we boomers must confront at this stage in our lives. We are all well aware of how reality has failed to conform to the rosy scenarios

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Gary Vaynerchuk - Boomers

Gary Vaynerchuk on the Opportunities for Boomers

I just love Gary Vaynerchuk. For those of you who don’t know him, he is one of the most focused and eloquent digital marketers around. He started out doing videos to promote his family’s wine

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Midlife Strategies with Kingsley Grant

Kingsley Grant is a coach and consultant who specializes in helping people in midlife relaunch their careers in ways that can serve their own interests, as well as the wider interests of their families

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Virtual Small Business Tools

Building Virtual Teams for Your Small Business

Starting a small business can be a scary and lonely proposition — particularly if you’re emerging from a long career with a large organization and all of the resources that went along with it. But

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Professional Development After 60

Professional Development Shouldn’t Stop After 60!

Watch this conversation I had recently with Margaret Manning on Sixty And Me’s YouTube channel about professional development tools available to baby boomers interested in bolstering their careers,

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Career Reinvention for Boomers

BoomersRock Podcast: Career Reinvention for Boomers

Tom Matt’s BoomersRock Talk Show interviews experts and shares the answers that will help you improve your health, fitness, finances, and happiness. His podcasts, books, articles, and seminars explain

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