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launch your second-act!

Like most people over 50, you probably can't afford to retire.  And you certainly have no intention of slowing down or "moving over." With longer lives, a desire to stay engaged with the world, and continuing responsibilities to our kids and to our parents, we need and want to keep our careers going as long as possible. 

retirement is so over!

the challenges:

  • age discrimination & bias
  • downsizing & "buyouts"
  • discouragement & indecision
  • low savings
  • poor job opportunities

the solutions:

  • identify what's holding you back
  • research the possibilities
  • discover where/how you can be useful
  • build support & connections
  • be the solution to your market's problem

Use the 5 Boomer Reinvention® Steps!
Create  and manifest a sensible,achievable plan to
re-think, renew, re-invigorate, restore, recharge,and... reinvent your career.

What is your focus?

read the book!

"This inspiring and yet very practical book provides a step by step guide to tap into our second-act career."   

-Arianna Huffington

  • Learn the Boomer Reinvention®  5 Steps and the 23 Strategies to jump-start your second-act career.
  • Free yourself from out-dated and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Build confidence in what you have to offer.
  • Use life lessons to imagine and find new opportunities.

explore coaching!

"John's process delivers a structure with real problem solving tasks from someone who has "been through it."

- Clayton C., Consultant

  • Use the concentrated structure, feedback, and accountability of coaching to put your plan in motion.
  • Land your second-act job or business by becoming a magnet to employers or investors.
  • Choose a 1-on-1 or Small Group program to launch your second-act career in only 12 weeks.

motivate your team!

"John’s talk helped put the presentations of the day into a different context, imparting a “big picture” view of the ideas of the day in his closing keynote." 

- Marc Crosby, CEO, Enterprise Wireless Alliance

  • Motivate and inspire older workers to lead, collaborate, mentor, and contribute more effectively in multi-generational teams.
  • Support younger managers in working more effectively with older reports. 

Reinvention as a career & life skill

Over my 35 year executive career, I was fired 39% of the time.

In any other field, this might be a questionable thing to brag about, but as an entertainment executive and film producer who started out in the early 1970s, this was business-as-usual in a very tumultuous, fast-paced industry. Ironically, learning how to pivot from frequent job changes and corporate instability prepared me very well for the unpredictable and disrupted 21st century economy.

Many of us in the boomer generation have lost have lost long-standing jobs. Many of us are holding on to the jobs or businesses we have, but feeling challenged, pressured, and unsure about our future. The certainty and smooth sailing that we were promised hasn't materialized - and we know it's not going to. We find ourselves in a time of unexpected shifts in the economy and the world at large, and we're struggling to find a way forward.

I believe there is a way forward for all of us!

The Boomer Reinvention® methodology grows out of my experience turning setbacks into successes in Hollywood, but is also guided by my studies in psychology that led to earning my MA, and enabling my own career reinvention from film production to a second act in education and career coaching.

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