What is standing in the way of your fully activated career?

Get more than encouragement: I will provide a structured program to hold you accountable to your goals.

Fulfill your ambition: You know that you deserve a better opportunity.

Get on your feet and stay on your feet: The skills you will learn are lifelong and life-changing.

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get interview-ready!

Whether you're recovering from a job loss, itching to make a move to a better position, or looking to re-invent your current position and provide more value, my six-session program will get you ready.

Stop being a job seeker. become a job magnet

Stop chasing open positions and start chasing relationships. With 85% of positions hired through referrals, not resume submissions, you need to focus on your network. Reconnect with past contacts and start connecting with new ones.

Craft a compelling career narrative

Eloquently express the purpose and the value of what you do best. Share your experience and wisdom - not for its own sake, but because of the transformation you can offer prospective employers, clients, investors, partners, and allies.

Circumvent Ageism

Age discrimination is happening to workers as young as 40 - in tech, often younger. 

Stand tall in who you are and what you've learned. You are a "digital founder." By being your most authentic self, and by providing clarity around your value proposition, age will no longer be the issue.

Build Your Professional Brand

Stand up for what you stand for in the work that you do.

Articulate the unique value that you provide.

Qualify and quantify your ROI.

Express your professional POV to build credibility and trust.

learn 6 actionable skills

These skills are effective growth-oriented practices designed to work collectively to build your confidence and better express the coherent and cohesive professional value you already have.

The program is foundational. Its purpose is to instill these skills as a consistent set of weekly practices. By adopting them as a career development lifestyle, you will become more focused, more resilient, and ultimately more successful in your career on a life-long basis.

Discover Your "Why"

Use a brief daily journal to unlock your deeply-held career motivation. Claim your meaning and purpose.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Remove the inner blocks and fears  that are holding you back. Reframe  "negatives" into a "positives" so you can step forward with certainty.

Get Constructive Feedback

Engage with trusted friends, advisers, and colleagues for supportive but rigorous input to guide your decisions and shape your strategy.

Nail Your LinkedIn Profile

Clarify and communicate your unique professional value to prospective employers, partners, clients, allies, and investors.

Organize your network

Create a Career Relationship Funnel to effectively categorize your current contacts, target potential employers, and build new relationships.

Become a Thought leader

Engage professionally on social media; interact with others, build your expert credibility, and grow your business reputation.

Your career is a story that is only half-told.

It's time to write your next act!

3 reasons to work with a coach

  1. Build a consistent set of habits and practices to support your career - up to, but also beyond getting a job or transitioning to a second-act career.
  2. Benefit from a trusted advisor to help you hold yourself accountable to your own goals.
  3. Recognize the value of moving beyond your comfort zone to more fully achieve your true potential.

Forget what you think you know about getting a job or starting a business over 50.

The recruiting/hiring process in the 21st century is broken. Recruiters and hiring managers are swamped. They'll spend no more than 6-7 seconds skimming your resume to funnel you through their process.

To combat this new reality, and get the offers you want to do work you're best suited for, you have to be pro-active, clear about what you do and the value you provide.

How Coaching prepares You

  • You nail your interviews because you're confident, open, and transparent about your background. You focus on solving their problem, and impress them with your authenticity and curiosity.
  • You wind up going to work with people who understand you, who appreciate who for who you are, are grateful for what you do for them, and who feel lucky to be going to work with you every day.
  • You'll draw employers to you because your eloquent branding, profile, and value proposition describe what they need.
  • Colleagues will refer you to new contacts and the right opportunities.
  • You'll regain your confidence and be proud of the value you provide.You'll build new strategic connections and find your "tribe."

clients share their experience.

"John is a perceptive listener who helped me re-frame my self-talk and doubts about myself and what I have to offer. He pushed me to explore new ideas to get me out of my comfort zone."

Holly P


"I am enjoying my new job in Florida, and thanks for all of your assistance in helping me to get here."

david d.


"Working with John helped clarify my value and my business brand, and position me for the new opportunities that have come my way."

julie c.


"John has been an incredible person to work with on this journey to find a way forward during a challenging time. He is very responsive and thoughtful, and provides continual positive reinforcement."

bruce s.


"I landed in a terrific role.  I’m quite confident that I would not have been so well-prepared for my interview process as I was with John’s support. Thanks so much, John!  Appreciate the help!"

Greg S.


"Actually, the LinkedIn portion is what hooked me into this program. There’s a lot of information out there about how to optimize your LinkedIn. I thought this was extremely helpful."

Hope B.

automotive engineering executive

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