I help experienced professionals land better jobs & transform their careers

Have you outgrown your current position or your current company?

Are you being blocked from advancing or getting promoted?

Are you increasingly driven by fulfilling your sense of meaning and purpose?

learn the answers to these questions - and more...


the bulletproof career framework

A practical, sensible, attainable set of skills and best practices to build clarity, certainty, and confidence in what you do and how to demonstrate your value to others.

stop managing your career the old way...

  • Stop thinking your resume is going to get you an interview (much less an offer)
  • Stop applying to open positions for jobs that you "could" do (but that aren't ideal)
  • Stop relying on recruiters to connect you (many are experienced and reputable, but they work for the employer and represent their interests - not yours)


Average number of resumes submitted to a corporate job

4 - 6

average number of applicants who make it to the interview


...and one person gets the offer

source: Glassdoor

the reality is...

  • Applying to jobs, sending out your resume, and dealing with recruiters is most often an ineffective strategy in September 2022.
  • Chances are you'll make a lateral move at best.
  • You're not a Chameleon, twisting yourself into knots trying to fit yourself into one job description after another.

Instead, consider a different approach.

one that puts you in control of your career destiny. 

the bulletproof career framework

Stage 1

Define Your Value
  • What is the most useful, high-value, niched set of results you deliver?
  • What do you do best, and love doing?
  • What does your industry need that you are perfectly prepared and positioned to address and solve for?
  • If you could imagine the ideal way to put your skill, talent, and experience to work every day, what would that look like?

Stage 2

Tap Your Network
  • Who are the individuals who already know you (or whom you want to meet) who understand and appreciate your value?
  • Who, What, and Where are the leaders, teams, organizations, and other allies who can hep you deliver your value message?
  • How can you connect to the opportunities that share your values, your vision,, and your understanding of what needs to get done?

Stage 3

Build Your Brand
  • What is your mission and what are the key issues that reflect where and how you make a difference?
  • What are the platforms and outlets where you can best engage with others to further your mission and the change you want to see in the world?
  • Will you stand up for what you stand for to attract attention from thought leaders in your space and draw opportunities to you?

Your advice to 'own' your age (I'm 54) and not be afraid of it, gave me the confidence to be my authentic self. As it turns out, the CEO of this company was looking for someone with exactly my experience, authenticity, and self confidence.

One week and two interviews later I have what is potentially the best opportunity of my career. Thank you very much for the work you do!

Michael G.


I flew to Austin on Monday. I had a 3-hour lunch with the founders and the leadership team. I told my wife afterwards it was probably the best interview experience I've ever had (in my life). They called me the next day to tell me they were offering me the job. Accepted on the spot.

I'm really feeling great about the decision I made and how I made it. Thank you for the 8 sessions that made this possible.

Brian Y.


Consider the Outcomes...

Your work is aligned with who you are as a person and as a professional.

You are part of a community of like-minded professionals engaged in improving the future of your industry.

You are sharing your knowledge, experience, and insight, which is building respect and credibility for what you do and who you are.

What you're accomplishing in your work is making a difference for your employer, your clients, maybe even in your community and in the world...

learn more about the bulletproof career framework

See if this 3-Stage framework could make sense for your current goals.

Hi, I'm John

Working with and supporting talented people has been central to everything I've done - whether developing and producing movies in the 1980s, getting into interactive and game development early in the '90s, building a startup during the tech bubble, or running talent development and artistic training for the DreamWorks Animation studio in the '00s.

Along the way, in 2005, I earned my MA in Spiritual Psychology, a branch of counseling psychology that emphasizes personal responsibility, mindfulness, acceptance, and forgiveness as a pathway to personal growth and professional success. When paired with the resilience and resourcefulness I developed in my Entertainment career, I am able to provide a unique resource to my clients.

My 2012 TEDx talk on career reinvention aimed at the boomer generation post-Recession launched my career coaching practice and became the foundation for my Bulletproof Career Framework methodology.  

Since then I have worked with hundreds of people in my individual 1:1 and group programs to help them forge their way forward.

My 2017 book "Boomer Reinvention," further established the details of my coaching framework, launched on CBS This Morning, and became an Amazon best seller.

Along the way, I've been a spokesperson at AARP events and career fairs, coached corporate clients for Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global organization, and coached groups of MBA alumni in career transition and reinvention for UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, and Cornell.

More on the ABOUT page...

Do you have 20 minutes?

Set up a call with me to find out if we're a good fit, and whether my advice and methodology ring true for you.

John is a brilliant and intuitive coach who pushed me in all the right ways to tell my story in a new and more impactful way. John is an authentic thought leader and an amazing listener.  He loves his work and that is evident in his high energy, focused and dedicated coaching style. I will definitely work with John again and highly recommend him.

Kimberly D.

Sr. Consumer Brands & Business Development Executive

John has been nothing short of amazing - both in his technical knowledge and in his compassion for us and our work. [My partner and I] made the decision to work with John for his standard coaching package and were so impressed that we asked if he would work with us for a second coaching package. John's work throughout was realized at a superior level. Our results in working with John have been fabulous. 

Dr. James H.

Education Leader | Recruitment/Retention Specialist | District Superintendent

John is both a cheerleader and a coach who pushes you to do your best thinking. I am seeing the benefits of this approach that has challenged me to think about my career legacy and allows me to create opportunities and have the right opportunities come to me. Most of all, John genuinely cares about career transition and his clients' success.

Margaret A.

Strategy and Marketing Executive |  Change Management Leader

the bulletproof career framework

Check out the downloadable guide to learn about this practical and accessible methodology. 

Follow the included action steps to get started today.

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I focus in depth on specific career questions and skills - from interview prep to mindfulness to professional branding. I have a bit of a contrarian streak: in an HR-dominated world, I believe in being candidate-centric. I don't think you should try to fit yourself into some box that an employer sets up in a job description. I'll always encourage you to find your authentic value, spread the word, build your tribe of like-minded colleagues, and get them to come to you (because you're just that awesome...).

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