How i Learned the Art of career transition

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At the beginning of my career as a literary agent, then studio exec and film producer in Hollywood, my work was all about finding and nurturing talented creatives and helping them realize their visions and connect to a larger audience. I followed the same mindset when I moved into interactive and game development in the 90s. The tech startup that I founded and led through two rounds of funding during the dot-com bubble was an opportunity to manifest and monetize a colleague’s daring future vision.

Then in the 2000s, at DreamWorks Animation, I pivoted into working on people initiatives with some incredibly talented artists and technologists. I created tech adoption, talent development, and university recruitment programs that helped the company grow by 50% over 4 years

Yes, I did get fired 39% in my entertainment career...

Those 30 years were also a bumpy ride - not unexpectedly for such a volatile industry. 

In my 2012 TEDx talk, I joked about how many times I've gotten fired, and presented the stats!

But the point was to question the stigma around getting fired. No matter how many times you may have lost your job in the past, the important point is that you stood back up, dusted yourself off and moved on.

 As tough as they were, those setbacks taught us resilience and resourcefulness and helped us grow as individuals and as professionals.

I believe you have the ability to learn from the past, and define a new course for yourself, overcoming most any obstacle that might be standing in your way.

my second-act career is all about Getting your Career to the next level

Since leaving DreamWorks in 2010, I blend the ability to turn career setbacks into successes with my Spiritual Psychology training to help my clients define and execute their second-act career plan.

As a Psychologist

My MA in Spiritual Psychology is grounded on principles of positive psychology that focus on self-responsibility, self-awareness, and forgiveness as pathways to authentic healing, reconciliation, and personal success.

It is an invaluable skill set for career planning in this next phase of life, where our quest for meaning, purpose, and legacy emerge as equal partners to business ability and financial success.

As a Coach

My proprietary methodology focuses on the three key areas that you need to define and launch your second act career:

  • Your Story
  • Your Network
  • Your Professional Brand

No matter what business or industry you're in, mastering these universal elements will transform your career.

As a Professional

Having worked as a talent rep, a corporate exec., a startup founder, a freelancer, and now as a consultant and coach, I draw on a range of experiences that coaches with primarily HR/Recruiting backgrounds lack.

Chances are, I've been where you are at some point in my own career, so I have empathy for what you're going through.

You should be valued and sought after for your invaluable abilities and experiences, not rejected because your resume fails a scanning test.

My Clients are my inspiration

It has been a privilege to work with determined, heartfelt clients who each shared a unique vision for where they wanted to go in their careers, as well as unique challenges that they were committed to overcoming.

What they all possess is a willingness to come present, let go of the past, redefine their value proposition, tell a new story, and engage with people to manifest their own second act careers.

Claim Your Future!

There's plenty of room for you to dive back in and make a lasting impact.

Traditional retirement is outdated. We still have time to create the career that most eloquently expresses and delivers what we’ve spent a lifetime learning how to deliver.

If it’s your time to make that move and embark on your own successful second act...

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Watch The TEDx Talk That Launched My Coaching  Practice

In this 15-minute presentation, I outline the five-step process that is the foundation of my career coaching methodology.

Read the book that lays out the foundation of my methodology

My book, "Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50," outlines 5 steps and 23 strategies to successfully recover from losing a job, strategize a re-entry into the workforce, or develop a plan to start a new business.

The book launched on CBS This Morning in 2017 as an Amazon best-seller, and has continued to sell steadily since then, supporting thousands of people in planning and manifesting their second-act careers.

70,000 LinkedIn Learners Can't Be Wrong...

Before your even THINK of changing your career around, check out my popular course on developing your personal, financial, and professional readiness.

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