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Here are the software products and planning tools that have been game-changers for my business. Check them out to see if they could be useful for you as well.

(If you use the links on this page to sign up for one or more of these products/services, as an affiliate of these providers I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks!)

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Tools & Systems I Use

Category: Workspace

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Notion is one of the most compelling and innovative software tools I’ve ever used. It’s been around since 2015, yet I’m surprised by how few people outside of the tech world are familiar with it.

Here’s how they describe their product: “Notion is for notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. The app blends everyday work apps into one. It serves as an all-in-one workspace for note-taking, task management, and project management. The app can be accessed via most web browsers.”

I use Notion as a place to take notes, develop curriculum content, collect references and research, and create databases of information.


Notion is made up of Pages and Databases. Imagine if every cell in an Excel spreadsheet was a complete page where you could enter information, create image or video galleries, make to-do lists, and even embed more spreadsheets. Pages can stand alone, or be nested within one another, or be part of a Database. And Databases can be linked to one another so you can retrieve information or have it always handy when you need it.

Best of all, you can use Notion totally for free with a very generous free plan. To unlock all of the features, including AI and more, you’ll need to subscribe (at a very reasonable monthly or yearly rate).

Get introduced to Notion by clicking this link: HERE

Here’s a short video introduction to the platform

And here’s a short video by a guy who uses Notion to track job applications (among other things!).

Category: Task Management

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One of the first tools I suggest to my clients is a simple but beautifully designed task management platform called Todoist. Todoist is one of the O.G. task managers and has been around since 2007. But while other task apps have fallen by the wayside, Todoist just keeps getting better.

It is easy to set up, easy to learn, and there are many fans of the software with YouTube tutorials to help you become proficient very quickly.

Getting organized in you job search or career management tracking is critical to feeling like you’re on top of things and always know what your next action is going to be. Having an effective task manager goes a long way towards helping you feel reassure and confident that everything is going to get handled.

And because Todoist is cross-platform, you can always bring it up wherever you are to add a new idea or task that you don’t want to forget.

There’s a very generous free plan so you can check it out at no risk. To access the full set of features is a surprisingly reasonable monthly or yearly subscription.

Get introduced to Todoist by clicking this link: HERE

And if you’re convinced you want to give the Pro plan a try, you can get 2 months FREE by clicking this link: HERE

Here’s a quick tutorial on Todoist to get you started.

Category: Project Management

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Sometimes, a simple task manager isn’t enough. If you are launching your own consultancy, for example, or have more complex projects going on in your life (e.g. remodeling your house) you may need a more robust system to handle actual project management/ There are many options on the market that strike a good balance between the high demands and learning curve of industrial project management platforms, and the more accessible task managers like Todoist.

ClickUp is my favorite in this category. I’ve used Asana, Monday,Trello, and a few others and I keep coming back to ClickUp . It’s also the best value, with a good free tier, and an insanely cheap first-level plan that will easily meet your needs if you’re a small team - or a team of one.

ClickUp has recently upgraded to their 3.0 version, a much-anticipated development.

Get introduced to Clickup by clicking on this link: HERE

Here’s a quick tutorial on what the platform looks like and how it functions.

It’s part of a playlist that goes into all of the main features of the platform.

Category: Social Media Automation

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Socialbee is a hidden gem in the social media management world. It’s been around since 2016, and it has a small but loyal following.

While most social media managers are aimed at marketers who are are posting their content live and need it to spread quickly around a gaggle of social media sites, Socialbee has one key aspect that makes it different from the others: queues.

Yes, some platforms like Buffer have queues. But I find Socialbee’s setup to be a lot more intuitive and a lot more useful for the kind of Thought Leadership practice that I advocate.

If you have a lot of content that you want to put on a long-term rotation - say 30 blog posts that you want to drip out once/week, Socialbee has you covered. But if you want to quickly dash off a post and customize it for each platform you post to (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook etc.), you can do that, too.

Pricing is in line with the other top social media managers (including Buffer) and significantly cheaper than the agency-oriented big guys in the space like Hootsuite.

Get introduced to Socialbee by clicking on this link: HERE

Here’s a brief intro to the platform.

Category: Email List Management

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Like it or not, we’re all marketers now. And email marketing is the mainstay of every marketing strategy. If you’re going to become a solopreneur, start an online business, or create a side gig where you want to build a customer base or a following for your thought leadership, you’re going to need an email list.

Pro tip 1: don’t depend on big social platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn to store your followers or subscribers. You won’t have direct access to your community unless you have their email addresses and communicate to them directly through your own email platform.

Pro tip2: don’t use Gmail or Outlook to send out bulk email messages to your list. You’ll likely be identified as a spammer and get shut down. Always use an Email Service Provider (ESP) to market via email.

Most of us are familiar with Mailchimp, that ubiquitous email marketing platform. I’ve used Mailchimp (and still have a free account), as well as other email apps. But for overall ease of use and great value, **Mailerlite** is my pick. It has a great UI, extensive tutorials, and comprehensive features (like easily including your blog posts or social posts in your emails). And, in keeping with my other top picks, its pricing undercuts its competition.

Get introduced to Mailerlite by clicking on this link: HERE

Check out this quick tour.

It’s part of a playlist that goes into all of the main features of the platform.

Category: Web Hosting/Registrar

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We’re deep in the weeds here, but if you want to have your own website, you’re going to need to register your domain (or domains), and if you’re building your website using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, you’re going to need a web hosting service.

Namecheap is my registrar and my webhost. It’s competitive on pricing (in comparison to an industry leader like GoDaddy), and I can vouch for their customer service. I can’t tell you how many times in the middle of the night I’ve logged into a chat with their tech support staff and quickly gotten my problem resolved. Five Stars. Plus, they have extensive video tutorials to explain even the most obscure aspects of managing your website setup.

If you’re thinking of building a WordPress site, Namecheap also has a set of reasonably-priced “Managed WordPress” plans that take care of all of your WordPress concerns.

Get introduced to Namecheap by clicking on this link: HERE

Here’s a brief intro to the platform.

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