the world is changing fast

But you have everything you need to keep up

technology Is Not the Issue!

The cliché that older workers can't or won't or haven't kept up with technology is a myth.

We've been using computers and software for over three decades.

Forget "Digital Natives."  We're the "Digital Founders!"

Your experience and wisdom give you an edge when it comes to actually understanding how new business processes, business models, and workflows can get more things done.

Check out these articles for some tips and tricks to better navigate the digital economy.

To get more traction in today's world, start by updating your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is the first place  people will go to check you out.  Make sure your profile is engaging and does the best job of properly representing you, what you can do, and what you stand for.

Download my collection of ten LinkedIn profile Headline and About Section examples to help you draft your update.

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