Feeling Stuck in your job or Your career?

Instead, What if you were:

  • confident & Articulate about the value of your work and the results that you deliver?
  • connected to a dynamic community of fellow professionals who Believed in You and referred you to top opportunities?
  • respected and sought-after in your industry for your insight and expertise?

Do you think that would help you get Unstuck?

Start by learning the 4  Career Upgrade Skills:

If you're a mid-late career professional making your transition to the next level of your career, I've got your back!

Michael G.

C-Level Operations Executive

Your advice to 'own' your age (I'm 54) and not be afraid of it, gave me the confidence to be my authentic self. As it turns out, the CEO of this company was looking for someone with exactly my experience, authenticity, and self confidence.

One week and two interviews later I have what is potentially the best opportunity of my career. Thank you very much for the work you do!

Brian Y.

Senior Operations & Supply Chain Leader

I flew to Austin on Monday. I had a 3 hour lunch with the founders and the leadership team. I told my wife afterwards it was probably the best interview experience I've ever had (in my life).The recruiter called me the next day to tell me they were offering me the job. Accepted on the spot.

I'm really feeling great about the decision I made and how I made it. Thank you for the 8 sessions that made this possible.

stop following outdated job search strategies


Old Method 1:

You focus on your skills

You list your skills, credentials, and training on your profile and your resume.

Since ATS (applicant tracking systems) are looking for these keywords, you expect to get hits, inquiries, and interviews.

Old Method 2:

You focus on your experience

Your resume highlights your many experiences and accomplishments from your prior positions.

 Since many of them bear some relationship to the job description described in the posting, you expect that you'll get noticed and that they'll see that you're a good fit for the position.

it's a totally different world...

95% of job applicants don't make it to the interview.

sending out resumes won't get you the job you want.

Recruiters Spend 7 seconds skimming Your resume.

You Need the

Bulletproof Career Framework

Master These The 3 Elements

define your unique Superpower

- The problems you solve

- The results you deliver

- Your "Zone of Genius"

grow & activate your career Community

- Spread your message

- Drive referrals

- Attract new opportunities to you

build a professional brand

- Stand up for what you stand for

- Become a thought leader

- Build credibility & trust

Get a taste of how this works!

Start upgrading your career today!

start by learning these 4 key skills

Kimberly D.

Sr. Consumer Brands & Business Development Executive

John is a brilliant and intuitive coach who pushed me in all the right ways to tell my story in a new and more impactful way. John is an authentic thought leader and an amazing listener. He loves his work and that is evident in his high energy, focused and dedicated coaching style. I will definitely work with John again and highly recommend him.

Dr. James H.

Education Leader | Recruitment/Retention Specialist | District Superintendent

John has been nothing short of amazing - both in his technical knowledge and in his compassion for us and our work. [My partner and I] made the decision to work with John for his standard coaching package and were so impressed that we asked if he would work with us for a second coaching package. John's work throughout was realized at a superior level. Our results in working with John have been fabulous. 

Margaret A.

Strategy and Marketing Executive |  Change Management Leader

John is both a cheerleader and a coach who pushes you to do your best thinking. I am seeing the benefits of this approach that has challenged me to think about my career legacy and allows me to create opportunities and have the right opportunities come to me. Most of all, John genuinely cares about career transition and his clients' success.

Jackie Mathys

Co-Founder, Mathys + Potestio

As a headhunter, I can count on one hand the number of career coaches who actually know what they're talking about.

You're one of the few whose advice is actually useful and accurate.

where are you in your career ?


You've established yourself in your field. Now you're looking for opportunities to move up in your current role or company, or if that's not in the cards, to a better position with more upside. 

Use the method to create a clear message around your value proposition. Dig deep in order to understand what your true value actually is and where you can (and should) be applying it.

Tap into and discover the power of your professional network to connect to recruiters and like-minded professionals. Seed the referrals that will bring opportunities to you.


As you enter your peak performance stage, you will be looking for ways to preserve your momentum and distinguish yourself from your competition. Prepare yourself to not only withstand, but shine  under the greater scrutiny and challenge of landing senior and C-level opportunities.

Make sure you're communicating your hard-won value as effectively as possible.

Connect to the "hidden job market" where 80% of hiring takes place.  

Leverage your experience and insight as a thought leader in your field to further your professional brand and reputation.

Second-Act Career

Traditional retirement is no longer an aspirational goal for engaged, achievement-oriented professionals. 

The second-act career stage is a time to remove all of the extraneous aspects of your work and double down on creating a legacy and greater meaning and purpose in your work.

Whether evolving into a more flexible strategic role, or applying your best experience to a targeted consulting or entrepreneurial venture, the goal is to be able to work on your own terms and do what you love and do best.

Stop Being a Chameleon!

Stop twisting yourself into knots trying to fit yourself into one job description after another.

Discover your truly authentic career path by standing up for what you stand for.

Use your network to connect to the people and companies who understand and appreciate what you deliver.

  • Overcome your fear, hesitation, or confusion about who you are , what you've been through, and what you're going to do next. 
  • Discover your 'Zone of Genius" - the intersection of your training, experience, effectiveness, and passion
  • Turn your Linkedin profile (and your resume) into a marketing document that makes people want to connect with you.
  • Learn how to turn your contacts into a well-oiled and productive referral network
  • Become a Thought Leader with an expert reputation as an informed, strategic, and insightful professional.

Think of this method as your Career ATM

It's an ongoing set of best practices that keep yielding lifelong dividends for as long as you want to work.

Check out my book

(even if you're not a boomer...)

Coming out of the 2008-09 Recession, it became clear that if you were over 50, you were having a hard time getting hired.

This pattern persists today, with ageism and outdated corporate culture affecting boomers and gen-x alike (and, sadly, they'll be coming for you next, millennials...)

So if you're interested in learning how to keep your career going, because you want to stay engaged, keep earning, and keep saving for that eventual retirement, this book is for you.

Arianna Huffington

Founder, Huffington Post, Founder/CEO, Thrive Global

The makings of your second act - one filled with meaning and purpose - are already there. And with this inspiring and yet very practical book, John Tarnoff gives us a step by step guide in how to tap into it.

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