Blunt Talk Podcast: Beating the Odds on Reinvention


Gino Arcaro has turned his name into an acronym for Good Inspiring News Only. He is the producer and host of the Blunt Talk podcast. That should give you an idea of what this dedicated author, football coach and gym owner in Welland, Ontario, is all about.

A committed seeker of truth and wisdom, Gino was a delightful interview for me. His Blunt Talk podcast explores a range of themes that all have to do with empowerment and upliftment. The theme for our discussion was “beating the odds.” As Gino states at the beginning of the interview, in all his years of coaching football, one thing stands out: if you don’t beat the odds, the odds will beat you.

In my experience with my own career reinvention, and with the boomer clients I work with, this is also true. This is particularly appropriate for boomers, who are rounding the bend on what will be our last full shot at creating a career practice that can sustain us throughout the rest of their lives.  This may be our last chance to get it right!

I love what he has to say about his process:

Blunt talk challenges conventional thinking to determine what is real and what is not, what is fiction or non-fiction, what works out and what doesn’t work out. But its sole purpose is “Soul Purpose”… to help you achieve the purpose of your soul which is “To Lift.”

In our far-reaching discussion, we touched on some of the takeaways from my career in entertainment, as well as some more specific reference to the career reinvention process, and the idea that personal growth and change has to be a deliberate intention.  It is only through challenging yourself to be greater that you can achieve what may seem like insurmountable goals.



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John Tarnoff is a career transition coach, speaker and best-selling author who helps late-career professionals transition to meaningful second-act careers beyond traditional retirement.

Following a successful career as a Hollywood film executive and tech entrepreneur, he reinvented his own career at 50, earning a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology to focus on professional development and training.

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