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It's no surprise that these two articles on ageism would get a ton of views and comments on my LinkedIn profile.

Both of the clipped articles are, ironically, attempting to call out ageism, but they succumb to a number of its assumptions. They wind up objectifying older workers just the same. Perhaps I'm being too tough, but it is time for everyone to wake up. Careers are, and will continue to extend beyond where they used to end.

In the first article, unconscious ageism is embedded even in advice on how to circumvent ageism! As many of you know, I am adamant about including your age/graduation year on your resume. Articles like this perpetuate the defensive, shameful, fearful assumption that there's something wrong with being older.

The unfounded myths employers &"experts" (like one quoted here) perpetuate around the "problems" older employees bring to the job. Yes, keep the resume to 2 pp, and summarize/outline your jobs earlier than 10 years ago. But stand tall in how old you are. They're going to find out anyway if you leave it off. Having something to hide is no way to start a new job.


For the second article, we certainly live in confusing times when it comes to the question of "how old…" Stats/surveys like this are misleading – particularly because it's really hard to know how you're going to feel 10, 20, or 30 years from now.

I'm a 66 year-old working both a half-time salaried job in academia, and an entrepreneurial coaching/thought leadership practice. There are days when I feel totally on track, and as focused as I was 20 years ago. And there are days when I feel like WTF am I doing and can't I just go sit in cafe and read a novel? In the end, I will work as long as I can because it connects me to self, others, and spirit…


What are your thoughts on how we're progressing against ageist attitudes, including and especially in the workplace?

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