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  • Find the Job You want.

  • build a network of allies who will always stand by you.

  • Learn how to build respect and trust in your industry.

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the Bulletproof Career Framework

  • Clarify your goals, your needs, what you do best, and how you can deliver real value in today's economy.
  • Build and activate your network so that opportunities come your way. Become a job magnet!
  • Define and express the value of what you do as a professional brand that will engage and inspire prospective recruiters, employers, and investors.

This Lesson Plan will teach you:

How to build confidence

Reconnect with your "mojo" -  that sense of certainty around what you do, the value you deliver, and your "why."

How to Sell Without "Selling"

If you are clear about what you do, and you have a total understanding of why it's valuable - and who can benefit - then "selling" is as simple as sharing your story.

How to Get a Job that Isn't even posted

Did you know that 80% of jobs are filled through referrals? Especially as you grow in your career, you'll find fewer job postings that appeal to you, or take advantage of all you offer.

That's why you have to tap into the "hidden job market!"

how to ace your job interviews

If you know what you deliver, can share the benefits, and have done your research, your job interview becomes an exploration between two fellow professionals. Never feel like you're in an interrogation. You have too much experience and too much to offer! The key is to remember that you're interviewing them just as much as they're interviewing you!

and much more...

What others are saying about the Bulletproof Career Framework:

I thought working with John would be helpful in "getting a job", but it turned out to be so much more!

Those practices and habits have become part of who I am and continue to give me confidence in my new role and well beyond.

BRIAN Y. //  Operations & Supply Chain Leader

I am seeing the benefits of this approach...

...that has challenged me to think about my career legacy and allows me to create opportunities and have the right opportunities come to me.

mARGARET a.  //  Financial Industry Strategy Executive

The process is based on sound reasoning and exercises that are thought through and tested.

His process encouraged me to go deeper than just technical solutions and to make attitude and emotional adjustments that would truly help me "re-frame" my sense of my personal possibility.

Clayton C.  //  Program Manager & Consultant

Check out the practical lesson plan to learn more about this effective new way of planning and achieving your career goals.

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