Answer the 4 "Ikigai" questions to

Unlock Your Career Potential!

Are you a mid-career professional feeling uncertain about your future?

At times, we all face career uncertainty. The key to navigating through this discomfort lies in understanding our own unique value proposition and the purpose and impact we can still have in our career. 

Introducing the Japanese concept of "ikigai" - the secret to unlocking your true potential and finding fulfillment in your career.

What is "Ikigai?"

Ikigai represents the perfect harmony between what you are passionate about, what you are good at, what your world needs, and what you can be paid for.

It is the intersection of these four elements that creates a sense of purpose and drives career success.

In this modern interpretation of the classic concept, I have adapted and revised the frequently-seen Venn diagram to serve today's career development needs.

A venn diagram with four circles and a blue circle.

Answer the 4 Ikigai Worksheet Questions

Gain clarity and confidence by filling out the 4-question Ikigai Worksheet, specially designed for mid-career professionals like you. This powerful tool will help you define your professional value, find your place in the job market, and craft a compelling career story.

What You'll Get From Completing the Ikigai Worksheet!

  • Clarity: Get crystal clear on your strengths, passions, and how they align with the needs of the world. Identify the sweet spot where your talents meet the demands of the job market, ensuring you make an impactful contribution.
  • Confidence: Feel more self-assured as you uncover your unique value proposition. Armed with this knowledge, you can present yourself confidently, knowing you have something valuable to offer potential employers or clients.
  • Success: Use the insights gained from our Ikigai Worksheet to shape your career path strategically. By building upon your strengths and aligning them with your passions, you can sustain and grow your career successfully.
  • Take the first step on the next phase of your career journey...

    Don't let career uncertainty hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards unlocking your true potential and claiming a meaningful, purposeful career . Fill out your 4-question Ikigai Worksheet and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth.

    John Tarnoff

    Executive & Career Transition Coach

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