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John Tarnoff – Reinvention Career Coach
Connect & Share!

5 Steps to Developing
an Inter-generational Workforce

Do you work with mid-late career managers who are:

  • Defensive or protective about what they know?
  • Arrogant about their experience?
  • Condescending or distrusting towards younger generations?
  • Playing the "blame game?"
  • Having a hard time collaborating across teams & departments?
  • Resistant to change, technologies or workflows?

Drive Succession Planning, Knowledge Transfer & Mentorship


Designed by and for people who have been workshopped to death over many decades, this is a relaxed, congenial experience to take a step back from the day-to-day routine and discover some key personal insights, and some simple tools to shift awareness and behavior.

(Each Workshop is 3 hours long / 5 - 15 Participants)

Workshop 1:  Steps 1 - 3 (Reframe, Listen, Accept)

Workshop 2: Steps 4 & 5 (Express, Connect)​

Workshop Features:

  • Short Lectures
  • Short Texts
  • Short Writing
  • Puzzles, Games
  • Small Group Interactions (2-3 people)
  • Large Group Sharing

Workshop Outcomes

More: Adaptability, Openness, Collaboration, Accepting Feedback, 

More: Adaptability, Openness, Collaboration, Accepting Feedback, 

John is a responsive facilitator who is able to gracefully redirect negative energy into productive enthusiasm. His ability to actively engage a group, hold group focus, and thoughtfully explain the task-at-hand provided our department with a clear focus on the future.

Charlotte Belland
Animation Chair – Columbus College of Art & Design 

John is able to synthesize and express complex concepts, and he has definitely contributed to our team's performance and effective collaboration.

Paula Hidalgo
Education executive, e-learning consultant and language expert

Workshops can be customized and tailored for a particular group, specific issues, or can incorporate company mission or culture agendas.​

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