Journaling as the First Step Towards Reinvention - John Tarnoff - Reinvention Career Coach
John Tarnoff – Reinvention Career Coach
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Journaling as the First Step Towards Reinvention

This short video from chiropractor Dr. Sean McConathy is a wonderful distillation of the value of journaling, and how it is more than just a pathway to achieving more mentally. It is also an overall healthy way to balance our bodies as well as our minds.

Every morning, before even fully waking up, I like to sit in my living room and write my two longhand journal pages. Journaling is a practice that I admit waxes and wanes over time, and is something that I use particularly when I am in the midst of a challenging project, or period of uncertainty in my life.

Julia Cameron, in her book The Artist’s Way, was the first person to turn on this journaling light bulb for me many years ago. She helped me to understand that creativity and the generation of ideas, plans, and strategies was not some random process of divine inspiration. There was no “muse” whom we had to coax out of her den to fill us with great ideas.  That muse was inside us, and most of us are likely ignoring her.  We just don’t know it.

The process of writing out a few longhand pages every day (Cameron recommends three, but I think you should do as many as you feel comfortable with – starting with one if that’s how you’ll get into it) is to prime the pump of the creative impulse, and tap into the well of knowingness that already resides in your consciousness.