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An Advocate for the Boomer Generation

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An accomplished speaker, moderator and panelist for decades, my recent pivot to focusing on the Boomer generation has put me in front of a new set of audiences.

Armed with research data, case studies and my own experience of career disruptions and the need to periodically reinvent myself over my 40 year career, I am passionate about helping to motivate and inspire Boomers.

This is a period of change and transition in all aspects of our professional and personal lives - and for all generations. The Boomers can and should be an important part of this new world.

Current Speaking Topics

The future we Boomers live in is a far different world than the one we were promised growing up - a world where we thought we could retire (and retire well).

What steps can we take to renew ourselves and re-engage with our careers in new ways: as entrepreneurs creating new businesses or as experts, mentors and leaders within traditional businesses?

​We must make a set of 5 inner preparation steps to successfully interact with the new world out there, and take back control of our destiny.

Keynote - 30 Minutes

We know that the digital revolution has spawned a cornucopia of changes to the way we do, well... everything.

But how do these changes directly impact and affect our habitual ways of dealing with business, culture, communication and life?

In this talk, I present the key paradigm shifts that redefine the seismic transformation that is going on all around us - shifts that are as culturally significant and disruptive as the invention of the printing press was 500 years ago.

Keynote - 30 Minutes

Joanne Web Director, Career Center, The Actors Fund

​Words can hardly express how appreciative we were for your presentation at our Symposium. Your experience gave a strength to your content, because the participants realized at once that you knew where they were coming from. Your Power Point was strong and really spoke to the boomer generation and beyond in a way that was easy to get buy-in from the audience. I thank you for your exceptional participation at this event.

John Tarnoff’s talk helped put the presentations of the day into a different context, changing our perspective. I thank John for imparting a “big picture” view of the ideas of the day in his closing keynote.

Mark E. Crosby President/CEO, Enterprise Wireless Alliance

What Does the Future Hold for the 76 Million Boomers?

  • Why are businesses reluctant to hire Boomers, if working Boomers are key to longterm economic stability?
  • How can we combat ageism and promote a truly open workplace?
  • How can Boomers stay current, and pivot to new business and cultural paradigms?
  • How can we convince business of the productivity and value of an inter-generational work force?
  • What are innovative ways our generation can make meaningful contributions to society and culture?

No previous older generation has had to face as many critical issues.

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