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Hi - I'm reinvention career coach John Tarnoff.

I'm taking what's working for my 1-on-1 clients, and offering the same takeaways in a more affordable, more accessible career coaching group format.

Fired 39% of the time over my 35 years as a Hollywood exec, I reinvented my career at age 50, earned a MA in counseling & spiritual psychology, and pivoted to a career focused on education and training.

this is the year you're going to make Your change!

Here's how it works...

define a career plan that works for you

Each Group

You'll be part of a team of committed, like-minded professionals who share your ambition to create an effective and realistic plan to set your second-act career in motion.

A 4-person career coaching group is a small enough to keep the session manageable, while also giving you the benefit of everyone's experience and insights.

The Sessions

  • 15 minutes individual coaching time per participant
  • Share your wins and challenges
  • Track your progress and stay accountable to your own goals
  • Receive the support of the group to help overcome obstacles
  • Work at your own pace as you learn the 8 Skills and benefit from the experience of your team mates

The Curriculum

The Boomer Reinvention™ methodology is a proven framework based on 

  • 5 Steps. and
  • 23 Strategies

to help turn your career mindset around through specific exercises and practices. helping to  position you for a sustainable 21st century career. 

the clock is ticking...

Enrollment Ends Sunday, April 29, 2018


Choose Your Day & time

Group #2

Meets Wednesdays

Starting May 2, 2018

5:00 PM - 6:15 PM Pacific

Ten Wednesdays

May 2, May 9, May 23, May 30, June 6, June 13, June 20, July 5, July 11, July 18

(Note: due to the July 4 holiday, we will meet on Thursday, July 5 that week)

Group #1

Meets Tuesdays

Starting May 1, 2018

11:30 AM - 12:45 PM Pacific

Ten Tuesdays

May 1, May 8, May 22, May 29, June 5, June 12, June 19, July 3, July 10, July 17

Start with a FREE one-on-one session!

We'll define your immediate and long-term goals, and chart your first steps

(even if you don't end up joining the program...).

Yes,  8  Essential Career Skills

Build Practices And Routines You'll Be Able To Use For The Rest Of Your Life.

Kinda like  "crossfit for your career..."

Journaling. a brief daily journal to help unlock your hidden career potential, and track your progress.

Using Feedback. engage with trusted friends and advisers to help shape and guide your career process.

Mission Statement. turn your value into a compelling statement of purpose, focusing and energizing your career plan.

Career Relationship Funnel. categorize your contacts and activate your network to supercharge your networking.

Reframing. Turn negativity and limiting beliefs into opportunities for new ideas and new strategies.

Optimizing Your Profile. Clarify and communicate the unique value proposition that you offer.

Affirmation Statement. Re-program your habits and bolster your confidence with this powerful foundation tool.

Thought Leadership. Use social media to advance your own agenda and build your reputation to attract employers, allies, partners and investors.

These skills are key to the 5-Step career-coaching process that I define and describe in my book, Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50.

The book launched in 2017 and quickly became an Amazon #1 bestseller.  Since then, it has helped thousands of people take their first steps towards a sustainable second act.

Here are just a few of the 96% 4 and 5 star reviews!

"Anyone who questions their current employment and their professional career should read the author’s practical, thoughtful and easy-to-follow methodology and wisdom." - Donald F. Leon

"After reading the ebook, I bought the paperback to highlight, dog-ear, and annotate. It’ll be in my bookcase for the rest of my life." - Lynne Spreen

"This book helped me SO much!! I've recommended it to several friends and everyone agrees, it's an amazing tool to change your life." - Marjorie Lewis

"John Tarnoff leads us with such a sensitive, honest and vulnerable approach, you can't help but become a believer and embrace the future." - Mariana Keros

Coaching Works...!

From working one-on-one to now working in groups, people are getting value from this process!

"The program was a helpful framework for encouraging me through the process of evaluating my strengths, interests, etc., articulating those, and getting the word out. The structure of the 12 weeks helped me keep myself accountable to doing what I wasn't able to get myself going on just having the Boomer Reinvention book and worksheets. ."

Rick W.  //  Enterprise Innovation & New Business Creation Architect

Rob D.  //   Executive Producer / Showrunner, Co-founder at Strong Island Films.

"Working with John helped clarify my value and my business brand, and position me for the new opportunities that have come my way.."

Julie C.  //  Broadway Producer/Theater Executive

"John helped me refocus my attention and energy towards better defining the unique value I offer my company.  I learned to advance their agenda while also advancing my own, essentially reinventing my role there."

Michael I.  //  Automotive Industry Product Specialist & Team Leader

Holly P.  // Video Marketer / Story Creator / Communications Strategist

Stacey M.  //   Experienced marketer creating web, print, and social strategies for law firms, non-profits, and local small businesses

"John's process delivers a structure with real problem-solving tasks based on sound reasoning and exercises that are thought through and tested. His generosity and hard-working style gave me a tool kit that was a hell of a lot more than rhetoric. After ten sessions, I did make a turnaround in my approach to my business and career."

Clayton C.  //  Consultant, Cultural & Community Program Designer

So book your free session, already!

We'll define your immediate and long-term goals, and chart your first steps

(even if you don't end up joining the program...).

here's Your 12 Week Playbook

This is the proven methodology that delivers results!

Prepare for Session 1: Journaling. 

Start your Reinvention Journal.  After our call, and before our first session, I'll send you the guidelines for how to keep your Reinvention Journal - a (brief) valuable daily exercise to track ideas, as well as receive inspiration, guidance, and solutions from your own inner knowing.  

Downloadable:Reinvention Journal Handout

Session 1: Welcome! 

In our first call, you'll meet your fellow participants,  introduce yourself, share your goals for the program, and a bit about what brought you to the program.  Then you'll talk about your experience with the Journal process, and share some ideas, and aspirations with the group.  Then, we'll go over your assignment for Session 2: completing two Reframing exercises to help you open your mind to new ideas, and take a step away from old thinking patterns that may be holding you back and preventing you from considering new opportunities.

Downloadable:Reframing Exercises Handout & Worksheets

Session 2:​​​​ Reframing

You'll share your takeaways from working on the Reframing exercises, as well as any ideas, insights as well as obstacles, questions, or concerns that came up in your Journaling. For Session 3, you'll be picking one or more colleagues, close friends, or advisors to engage in constructive feedback sessions.  This will help give you an outside perspective on who you are and what you've accomplished - as well as guidance and pointers for your career strategy.

Downloadable: Constructive Feedback Handout

Session 3: Strategic Feedback

Session 3 will take place two weeks after Session 2 in order to give you enough time to complete the feedback work.  The more meetings you can arrange, the more information you'll have to work with.  You'll start Session 3 with any updates and/or takeaways from your Journaling, and then launch into your feedback experience. For Session 4, you'll shift your attention to your LinkedIn profile.  LinkedIn is your new resume. But it is also your personal branding page - your opportunity to encapsulate who you are, and to better present yourself in the new light you want to create for your reinvented professional self.  I'll be distributing some guidelines for how you'll want to update your profile for the following session.

Downloadable:LinkedIn Profile Handout

Session 4: LinkedIn Strategy (1)

After you've done your preliminary LinkedIn update, we'll bring it up in the session to discuss, and to get the feedback from the group.  The goal will be to make the profile even more targeted and more personal, as a way to "get above the noise" and create a unique and arresting value proposition that your target market (people who could be helpful to you on LinkedIn) will value take note of.  You'll take these notes and for the next session complete the final draft of your LinkedIn profile.

Session 5: LinkedIn Strategy (2)

This will be your final opportunity to discuss the changes and evolution to your LinkedIn profile, and to become more grounded and more confident in the value proposition and message that the profile is communicating to prospective employers, partners, investors, colleagues, advisors, and supporters.  For Session 6, based on the work you've done with your LinkedIn profile, you'll create a Mission Statement for your future career vision, as well as an Affirmation Statement to energize that vision.  I'll be distributing guidelines for these activities.

Downloadables: Mission Statement & Affirmation Statement Handouts

Session 6: Mission & Affirmation

After sharing any updates and/or Journaling insights, you'll share your Mission Statement and Affirmation Statement with the group for support and feedback, and we'll discuss how to use the LinkedIn profile, the Mission Statement,and the Affirmation Statement as support for your networking strategy, based on the Boomer Reinvention concept of creating a Career Relationship Funnel.  I'll be distributing the guidelines on this for you to review and begin to set up over the coming week, including initial prospecting on LinkedIn, and in-person networking groups or professional organizations that you could connect to.

Downloadables:Career Relationship Funnel Handout & Relationship Career Funnel Planner

Session 7: Networking Plus (1)

After the customary update and Journaling check-in, you'll share your progress with setting up your Career Relationship Funnel, including any questions or obstacles you may have encountered that the group may be able to help with. For Session 8, which will take place two weeks after this one, you'll be continuing to implement your networking strategy, including attending at least one in-person networking event, and connecting with between five and ten new people on LinkedIn.

Session 8: Networking Plus (2)

This session will largely be dedicated to debriefing the networking experiences you had over the prior two weeks, including any discomfort you experienced, or, conversely, any successes or breakthroughs you had.  Support from the group is important, here, and this is one place where the value of working to support your fellow participants will yield significant support and results.  This week, you'll be getting your final assignment, which is to create a Thought Leadership strategy, including personal blog posts and/or a social media curation plan. 

Downloadable: Thought Leadership Strategy Handout

Session 9: Thought Leadership

These last two sessions will be about your ongoing career reinvention practice.  You will have had the chance to set up the process that is going to lead to a successful second act career. You'll continue to Journal, and network, and to start your thought leadership practice. We'll use the session to discuss your experiences and to support and fine-tune your approach. On the basis of creating your thought leadership strategy, your assignment for the final session will be to begin work on your first blog post, or to start collecting the articles that you'll be sharing on your social media profiles.

Session 10: Recap And Ongoing Plan

You've arrived at the final session! It's time to assess the progress you've made over the course of the program, discuss your strategy going forward, and to set some clear intentions for your next actions, and what you would like to achieve over the coming three to six months.

Did i mention...?

Enrollment Ends Sunday, April 29, 2018


the​​​​​ Value of This Program

"Price is what you pay, Value is what you get"
-Warren Buffett

You're getting 3 hours of 1-on-1 Coaching (including our introductory private call)

VALUE: $1,350

(based on my individual coaching rate of $450/hour)

You're getting 10 hours of Group Coaching

(PLUS handouts, exercises and a private Facebook group to keep in touch and support your progress)

VALUE: $2,500

(based on my group coaching rate of $250/hour)


the price you'll pay

Program Fee: $1,497

That's a 61% Discount over the total value of the Program.

Single Payment Plan

One Payment of $1,497

Three-Payment Plan

3 Monthly Payments of $599

You're Worth It!

People over 50 take on average 10 weeks longer to find their new job.

What if you could cut that time in half?

How much would that be worth to you?

If your salary range is $50,000 - $100,000

You would earn an additional $4800 - $9600!

That more than pays the cost of the Program!

...and You're Not alone

Do you feel like you have to soldier on by yourself, or that you're the only one you know stuck in an untenable career dilemma?  

Do you feel like you have no recourse, no options, no other way to deal?


The beauty of the group process is that you'll realize that others are experiencing and understand exactly what you're facing - AND that you'll find and share the solutions together

You know you're ready to get started!

Get a new job faster, nail your interviews, Build an effective network

PLUS - i want you to be 100% Satisfied...   and certain

You'll have three days following your decision to enroll in the career coaching group to change your mind.  If you choose not to proceed,

I will refund your payment (minus the payment processor's 2.9% fee).

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this Program different from your book?

Why a four-person career coaching group?

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Launching the Boomer Reinvention book on CBS This Morning

The 2017 Influencers in Aging by PBS/NextAvenue

Coach, Author, Speaker, Educator

My mission is to help late-career professionals transition to meaningful and sustainable careers beyond traditional retirement.

After years as a studio executive and film producer (MGM, Columbia, Warner Bros), I got the technology bug in the 1990s. But after my tech startup bit the dust in 2009, I decided to go back to school, earn my psychology degree, and see where that would take me.  Ironically, this transition brought me back to entertainment, where I served as Head of Show Development for DreamWorks Animation from 2003-2009, developing culture-changing creative leadership, training, and college recruiting programs. I currently also co-run the entertainment management graduate program for Carnegie Mellon University based in Los Angeles.

Since publishing the book, I have been invited to speak across the country, including San Francisco's Commonwealth Club, Town Hall Seattle, the Chicago Public Library, The Atlantic/Humana's "New Old Age" conference, 2018's What's Next Boomer Summit, and for a number of university alumni groups.

In September 2017, I was honored as a Top Influencer in Aging by PBS/NextAvenue.

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