Are you Struggling to keep your career going after 50?

Are you dealing with ageism, rejection, and indifference in the job market?

Are you uncertain about what you want to do now in your career, or how you will continue to earn a living?

Are you worried about running out of money in retirement?

Do you feel pressured by more responsibilities than you expected at this age?

Let's create a plan for you to create a more secure, sustainable future

Use the proven Boomer Reinvention™  methodology to:

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    find a new job
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    upgrade your current position
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    figure out a new business
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    rekindle your passion and enthusiasm
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    rediscover what motivates you
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    create meaning and purpose at work

Whether working 1-on-1, or in a small group, here's what we'll cover

Build a Career Relationship Funnel to structure and categorize your network for maximum effectiveness.

Further your credibility, authority, and reputation by becoming a thought leader in your field, and carving out a platform on social media that reflects your unique and valued point of view.

Set specific goals based on insights you derive from your journaling process.

Gain invaluable insight into your strengths and challenges by organizing in-depth feedback interviews with trusted colleagues and advisers.

Stand out from the competition by drafting a more compelling, expressive, and engaging LinkedIn Summary.

12 - Week program

Ten Sessions

Worksheets & Handouts Included

Next 4-Person Coaching Group Program Launches May 1, 2018

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Julie C.

Broadway Producer/

Theater Executive

"Working with John helped clarify my value and my business brand, and position me for the new opportunities that have come my way."

Michael I.

Automotive Industry Project Manager

"Over the months I spent working with John, he helped me refocus my attention and energy towards better defining the unique value I offer my company.  I learned to advance their agenda while also advancing my own, essentially reinventing my role there."

Clayton C.

Consultant, Cultural & Community Program Designer

John's process delivers a structure with real problem-solving tasks based on sound reasoning and exercises that are thought through and tested. His generosity and hard-working style gave me a tool kit that was a hell of a lot more than rhetoric. After ten sessions, I did make a turnaround in my approach to my business and career."

1-on-1 coaching is available throughout the year.

Coaching groups begin every quarter.

Schedule a Free, no-obligation coaching call to take the next step

After all, every athlete looking to improve their performance works with a coach...

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