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TEDx Talk: The 5 Reinvention Steps for Boomers

Here’s where my focus on Boomer careers started…  figuring out the 5 reinvention Steps to transform your career after 50.  I never realized, when I was asked to speak, that this little

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Take Control of Your Job Interview: Be a Problem Solver

Dan Goetz, a business owner I profile in my book, Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50, used to see himself (pre-reinvention) as a hired gun. After he was let go as CEO of a family-owned

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job hunter

Don’t Be a Job Hunter, Be a Job Magnet

One of the most intimidating concepts new job seekers encounter is the idea that they have to be aggressive about the process: they have to be a job hunter. But older workers looking to get hired or start

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millennials simon sinek

Why Millennials Act Entitled

Management and leadership guru Simon Sinek explains with compassion but no pity why millennials behave as they do – often alienating older generations who think of them as entitled and narcissistic. He

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second act career

Key Decisions to Ground Your Second Act Career

Don’t get caught in the dangerous trap of thinking that you know what new business you should start or job you should find just because it’s a second act career you think you’ve wanted

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Working Retirement

Why A Working Retirement Makes Sense

No surprise to anyone keeping tabs on the issue of Social Security and aging Americans, but here’s a great video report from PBS News Hour on why it a working retirement makes economic sense for

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Journaling as the First Step Towards Reinvention

This short video from chiropractor Dr. Sean McConathy is a wonderful distillation of the value of journaling, and how it is more than just a pathway to achieving more mentally. It is also an overall healthy

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Gary Vaynerchuk - Boomers

Gary Vaynerchuk on the Opportunities for Boomers

I just love Gary Vaynerchuk. For those of you who don’t know him, he is one of the most focused and eloquent digital marketers around. He started out doing videos to promote his family’s wine

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Professional Development After 60

Professional Development Shouldn’t Stop After 60!

Watch this conversation I had recently with Margaret Manning on Sixty And Me’s YouTube channel about professional development tools available to baby boomers interested in bolstering their careers,

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Jeff Walker

Confidence Comes Last

Online marketer Jeff Walker is famous for the successful Product Launch Formula marketing system. He video blogs regularly about how to launch a business using online marketing tools, and while he is a

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