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3 Secrets To Surviving The Second-Act Sandwich

Boomers are the “sandwich generation,” often caught between being caregivers to both our parents as well as to our children. We are in a perilous situation with no clear relief in sight. Our

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Beyond Retirement: Revisiting Erik Erikson & Generativity

Psychologist Erik Erikson is famous for his 7 Life Stages, describing key periods and transitions in our lives from birth to death. It is time to rethink the application of Erikson’s ideas to the

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How Encore Careers Are Impacting Beyond the Social Sector

For anyone who needs proof that life can begin at 60, last week’s Encore Conference 2014 in Tempe, AZ was the place to find it. The annual gathering sponsored by Marc Freedman‘s,

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Why “Retirement” Is a Dirty, Dangerous Word

Retirement has gone from being an expected right and privilege to a broken promise and a cruel joke. No use crying over spilled milk, but let’s stop talking about Retirement as if it’s going

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How To Face The World After You’ve Been Downsized

Over the course of my 2.5-career reinventions over the past 25 years, my three top lessons have been 1) don’t define yourself through your resume, 2) going back to school can jumpstart your reinvention

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When You Get To The End of Your Rope: Go Back To School

Last week, I outlined the first of three takeaways from my 2.5 career reinventions: You Are Not Your Resume. Don’t let yourself be defined by your past accomplishments (or failures). The resume is

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My 2.5 Career Reinvention Lessons: No.1 – You Are Not Your Resume

In researching and compiling this series on boomer reinventions over the past months, I’ve learned a lot about how our generation is coping with living longer and working longer in a society and

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