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Be of Service

Be of Service

If you’ve lost a job or a business after many years, you may well feel completely adrift, but to be of service to others at this challenging time may be a way to find yourself and to get re-inspired. Even

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Listening To Others

Make Listening to Others a Priority

Listening to others can give you unexpected insight into your behavior – past and present. Your reinvention requires more than just your desire to change your career around. Dreams are great, but

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new business

Starting a New Business? Don’t Trust Your Gut!

Don’t get caught in the dangerous trap of thinking that you know what new business you should start just because it’s something you think you’ve wanted to do for years. You may make

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Mission Statement

You Need a New Mission Statement

A mission statement is not exclusively a motivational motto for a company. I suggest that you apply the same kind of thinking to your personal mission in work and in life as well. A mission statement

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Reconcile Your Past

You Can Reconcile Your Past

The Boomer Reinvention methodology kicks off with a powerful principle: in order to create the future, you have to reconcile the past. Reconciliation starts with the process of reframing past memories

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Get Fired?

Get Fired? Take the High Road

What’s the first thing you should do when you get fired and receive that dreaded pink-slip? I’ll bet “post on social media” is not what comes to mind. Yet that’s exactly

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Job Search

Don’t Rush Your Job Search

When recovering from a career transition later in life, take the time to reflect on who you are and what you want before jumping into a new job search or starting a new business or beginning a freelance

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get fired

Get Fired? How Boomers Can Take the New “High Road”

What’s the first thing you should do when you get fired?  I’ll bet “post on social media” is not what comes to mind. Yet that’s exactly what Sree Sreenivasan, savvy gen-x

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Home-Based Business

Home-Based Business Ideas for Boomers

For baby boomers looking to get out of corporate America, starting a small home-based business  may be one of the best ways to get yourself back in the professional saddle. Home-based businesses are often

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second-act career

Start Your Second-Act Career with a ROBS Rollover

Resources abound for individuals looking to start a new business for a second-act career, from multiple loans options to crowdfunding, etc. But the Rollovers for Business Start-ups (ROBS) strategy stands

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