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3 Networking Steps to Start the New Year

The buzz and the bloom around 2018 are wearing off, and everyone I'm talking to in and around my coaching practice is asking me how to be pro-active at the start the new year - and I think that taking

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Downsized in Your 50s? Focus on the Future

One of the toughest challenges we face when we get downsized from a longstanding job (10 or more years) is the loss of identity and purpose that goes along with being cut off from the company, the people,

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Boomers Start Here: How to Reframe

With increasing regularity, late-career professionals are hitting a wall in their fifties. Whether they’ve been summarily let go, bought out of their jobs, or are unwilling to retire, baby boomers often

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job interview

First Job Interview in 20 Years? Nail It!

A job interview at any age is an intimidating experience. When you’re older and out of practice, it feels like the stakes are even higher. I don’t think it matters where you’re applying —

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thought leader

Why You Should Become a Thought Leader

A thought leader is someone with opinions shaped by experience, interaction, and critical thinking, who is known for the way they articulate their particular point of view. In our connected, social-media-dominated

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Smart Networking Will Bring the Job to You

“Chase relationships, not job openings.” This is a mantra I share with my graduate students as well as with my boomer clients when it comes to networking. This represents a paradigm shift away from

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new job

Looking For a New Job? Keep a Journal!

Finding a new job entails searching, but it also demands reflection. Process your ideas, intentions, anxieties and aspirations through keeping a daily journal. Journals are a staple of transformational

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Make Your Own Luck: Create an Affirmation

Do you subscribe to the idea that change is an “inside job?” Getting a new job or starting a new business is not simply about fielding opportunities. And change is certainly not a matter

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Playing the Victim

Stop Playing the Victim Card

Playing the victim is a pointless and short-lived exercise. When you’re trying to restart your career, blaming others won’t work. Leadership is important, even (and especially) if it is about

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be of service

Be of Service

If you’ve lost a job or a business after many years, you may well feel completely adrift, but to be of service to others at this challenging time may be a way to find yourself and to get re-inspired. Even

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