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How Encore Careers Are Impacting Beyond the Social Sector

For anyone who needs proof that life can begin at 60, last week’s Encore Conference 2014 in Tempe, AZ was the place to find it. The annual gathering sponsored by Marc Freedman‘s, was a thought-provoking colloquium of ideas and exchanges on the value and the impact of social engagement driven by older leaders. The […]

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Why “Retirement” Is a Dirty, Dangerous Word

Retirement has gone from being an expected right and privilege to a broken promise and a cruel joke. No use crying over spilled milk, but let’s stop talking about Retirement as if it’s going to happen – or at least as if it’s going to happen the way they told us it was going to […]

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How To Face The World After You’ve Been Downsized

Over the course of my 2.5-career reinventions over the past 25 years, my three top lessons have been 1) don’t define yourself through your resume, 2) going back to school can jumpstart your reinvention when you run out of ideas and resources, and this week, I’ll talk about 3) reframe losing a job as a […]

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Emilio Pardo: Re-Imagining Boomers at AARP

Emilio Pardo has been a visionary communicator and branding executive for most of his professional life. While many Boomers find themselves forced to pivot to a new career, Pardo found himself called to upgrade his life path, driven by a sense of purpose that he could not ignore. We discussed his journey over the phone […]

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