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Boomers and Millennials

Understanding Both Boomers and Millennials

Here’s some insight into both ends of the spectrum – a two-part interview on boomers and millennials with WEAA Wealthy Radio host Deborah Owens. The first interview (30 minutes) addresses the

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Reinvention is a Choice

In this podcast with psychologist Sally Fox, I talk about some of the factors that drive career reinventions for us at the late-career stage. Recovering from a career setback like getting fired is never

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Blunt Talk Podcast Interview

Blunt Talk Podcast: Beating the Odds on Reinvention

Gino Arcaro has turned his name into an acronym for Good Inspiring News Only. He is the producer and host of the Blunt Talk podcast. That should give you an idea of what this dedicated author, football

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career change

Career Change: Adaptability is Key

 Check out my interview with Jim Rembach’s FastLeader podcast. Jim is building a great resource on leadership and management skills across many disciplines and points of view. When discussing career

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Midlife Strategies with Kingsley Grant

Kingsley Grant is a coach and consultant who specializes in helping people in midlife relaunch their careers in ways that can serve their own interests, as well as the wider interests of their families

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Career Reinvention for Boomers

BoomersRock Podcast: Career Reinvention for Boomers

Tom Matt’s BoomersRock Talk Show interviews experts and shares the answers that will help you improve your health, fitness, finances, and happiness. His podcasts, books, articles, and seminars explain

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Minnesota Public Radio

Picking Yourself Up After a Lay-off or Downsizing

My conversation with Kerri Miller at Minnesota Public Radio over WMPR about the aftermath of the big Target layoff, and what people affected by layoffs like this can do to pick themselves up and start

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The 5 Steps to Reinvention: Podcast with Jackie B. Peterson

“Seniorpreneur” strategist Jackie B. Peterson interviews me about the Boomer Reinvention curriculum and what it takes to reinvent oneself for the 21st century.

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