Are you struggling to create a 'Second Act' career
to sustain and inspire you beyond traditional retirement?

How do you want to spend the next 20-30 years of your life and career?

Are you on track to meet your financial AND personal goals?

Are you clear on what those goals actually are?

Are you pounding the pavement half-heartedly searching for another gig?

Are you dealing with rejection, ageism and indifference in the job market?

I believe that truly effective coaching grows out of a transformational relationship
between client and coach.

Are you committed to digging deep and taking some challenging steps forward?

  • Are you ready to turn your career "possibilities" into "realities?"
  • Will you confront that biggest single obstacle standing in the way of your success?
  • Are you able to eliminate the non-essential time-wasters that distract you from your goals and your success?
  • Will you build the necessary personal practices to support your reinvention process?
  • ​Are you prepared to define, clarify and prioritize the next steps in your personalized action plan?
  • Your second-act career is already inside you. Are you ready to let it out?

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Cindy Beckett Strategic Partner at Benevolent Vision - Independent Research Consultant

"Your honesty, vulnerability to share your own experience and enthusiasm was refreshing. I am of that age and circumstance and am searching and feeling a bit stuck. I definitely will follow your suggestions! Thanks again, and keep them coming!"

"John's ability to decode complex, multi layered, interdependent evidence into a summary that had an elegant simplicity is a rare attribute and makes him a consultant I would not hesitate to use again or recommend to others."

Neil Peplow Chief Operating Officer at Met Film