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training boomers for the new economy

Training Boomers for Success in the New Economy

Our generation gets a bad rap for supposedly being behind the times and slow to learn. Experts, however, tell us that nothing can be further from the truth. Here is some advice and reassurance for boomers

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Starting a Small Business

Tips for Boomers on Starting their Small Business

Our baby boomer generation is at a crossroads. We were brought up to believe that if we got a good education, worked hard and stayed loyal, we would be rewarded with a continuous career and the opportunity

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Jim Gehrman – From Paper Mill CEO to Green Entrepreneur

Jim Gehrman doesn’t argue the question of global climate change. That’s not the issue as far as he’s concerned: “It’s really not my spot to take one stance or another. All

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Jeff Walker

Confidence Comes Last

Online marketer Jeff Walker is famous for the successful Product Launch Formula marketing system. He video blogs regularly about how to launch a business using online marketing tools, and while he is a

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Be a Better Leader and Avoid Getting Downsized

Boomers face the increasing perception that they are getting long in the tooth, and that younger managers are better prepared to lead project teams going forward. Yet the truth is that over 80% of corporate

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How To Prevent Failure For Boomers In an Uncertain World

Starting in the early 1990s, in the wake of the breakup of the Soviet Union, military strategists began to track and assess a geopolitical world with vastly different and challenging conditions. They distilled

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Why Boomers Make the Best Mentors

Being a good mentor not only makes sense from a pay-it-forward point of view, it also makes good business sense. Boomers have all the right ingredients to successfully mentor younger professionals to become

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Hired-Fired Glasses

Digital Natives & Anti-Boomer Discrimination

Are you a “Digital Native?” In recruiter-speak, according to journalist Vivian Giang, writing in Fortune, the term is no longer just a glib demographic reference to kids who grew up playing

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Boomer Careers: How to Survive the Next 20 Years 

In 2035, the youngest Boomers will be 71. The oldest among us will be 89. What is it going to be like to look back from that vantage point? Hopefully, most of us will have figured out how to keep working

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TEDx Talk: The 5 Reinvention Steps for Boomers

Here’s where my focus on Boomer careers started…  figuring out the 5 reinvention Steps to transform your career after 50.  I never realized, when I was asked to speak, that this little

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