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Im Ja Choi and her family pictures

Im-Ja Choi – Social Entrepreneur

Baby Boomers are often caught in a difficult bind. Many of us are still in the process of launching our kids out into the real world after high school or college, while also confronting the health care

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John on HuffPostLive

HuffPost Live : It May Be Time To Reinvent Yourself

John Tarnoff joins HuffPost’s Ricky Camilleri to discuss why it’s important to reinvent yourself in order to remain relevant in the career world.

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Emilio Pardo: Re-Imagining Boomers at AARP

Emilio Pardo has been a visionary communicator and branding executive for most of his professional life. While many Boomers find themselves forced to pivot to a new career, Pardo found himself called to

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Clare Novak

Clare Novak – A Reinvention Sabbatical

Career reinvention may be a radical shift from one industry to another, or the fulfillment of a long-held dream to start a business.  A career reinvention can also manifest as a kind of “radical sabbatical”

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The Sculleys Part II: Career Reinvention As a Couple

In reporting on Pat and Mary Sculley and their Exercise Coach franchises, I became intrigued by how they are working together as a team – this is the first time in their over 40-year relationship that

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Marla Wynne

Marla Wynne – TV Producer to Fashion Designer

Marla Wynne Ginsberg had never sewn a stitch when she bought her first sewing machine in 2009 and embarked on a risky career reinvention.  She had just lost a very lucrative senior executive position

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Mary Tennyson: Invention Can Be the Necessity of the Mother…

Imagine what it would be like to live with diminished physical capacity, or to have to endure chronic pain or paralysis – making that small action incredibly challenging.  Not only are we facing this

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Career Reinvention - Susan & Stephen Ristau

Susan and Stephen Ristau – Reinvention Through Taking a Break

Many of us are increasingly aware of the countdown clock as we hit our 50s and then our 60s.  What once seemed like a future full of opportunity, and time to take advantage of it. is increasingly looking

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Career Reinvention - Pat & Mary Sculley

Pat and Mary Sculley – How To Keep A Marriage Vital After 65

After more than 43 years together, Pat and Mary Sculley retired from retirement. “I just got bored,” says Pat (as reported in the Dallas Morning News).  After a career at Electronic Data Systems,

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Janet Scully - Career Reinvention

Janet Scully – Attorney

Let’s assume that we’re all going to hit a wall in our careers sooner or later. If we’re 50 or over, and it hasn’t already happened, be on the lookout. This installment is a personal

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