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TEDx Talk: The 5 Reinvention Steps for Boomers

Here’s where my focus on Boomer careers started…  figuring out the 5 reinvention Steps to transform your career after 50.  I never realized, when I was asked to speak, that this little kernel of an idea – about how Boomers had been up-ended by the Great Recession, would actually evolve into my mission. This talk took place […]

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How To Shrink the Boomer/Employer Gap

Boomers are sending a very clear signal to the new economy: we are not “moving over” any time soon to cede our careers to younger generations. Traditional retirement at 65 is either unaffordable or irrelevant to a generation that either must keep working to survive, and/or wants to keep working to serve a meaningful and […]

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Don’t Rush Your Reinvention

When recovering from a career transition later in life, take the time to reflect on who you are and what you want before jumping into a new job or starting a new business or freelance practice. While we Boomers have lots of life experience, and the wisdom culled from making many valuable mistakes, pivoting to […]

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Job Transitions Are No Longer Shameful

While many of the challenges for young people getting into the workplace are age-old, others are new.  One of the shifts that has occurred is that people are changing jobs far more frequently – both voluntarily and involuntarily. This is important for Boomers to understand, as well as for Millennials. I spoke recently with the people […]

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