February 2015 - John Tarnoff - Reinvention Career Coach
John Tarnoff – Reinvention Career Coach
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The 5 Steps to Reinvention: Podcast with Jackie B. Peterson

“Seniorpreneur” strategist Jackie B. Peterson interviews me about the Boomer Reinvention curriculum and what it takes to reinvent oneself for the 21st century.

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James Dean

Don’t Fit In, Be Your Hero, Reinvent Yourself

As Boomers, we started off life as iconoclasts. We were the Woodstock Generation, the Counterculture Generation, the Me Generation. We turned on, tuned in and dropped out. But that didn’t last very

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Ted Smith: Consultant to Realtor

After 35 years in the same business, is it possible to turn on a dime and make a go of it in some entirely new field? The answer of course is “yes,” but when you’ve been “downsized”

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How To Apply Reinvention To Your Fitness Plan

A few friends have sheepishly admitted that their New Year’s Resolutions to get back to the gym have dissipated, so I thought I would try to apply the 5-step principle of Boomer Reinvention to personal

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Paul Harris

Paul Harris – From Pilot to Print Shop Owner

When commercial pilot Paul Harris finally folded up his wings after decades working for the airline industry, he overcame his fears of starting a small business by acquiring a franchise, and taking advantage

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