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John Tarnoff – Reinvention Career Coach
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senior discount

David Harrison – Tech, Philanthropy & Senior Discounts

David Harrison, 66, is turning coupons into causes. He and his wife Cindy have started Boomerang Giving (www.boomeranggiving.org), a non profit dedicated to supporting our generation in giving back to

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Wharton’s Adam Grant on Giving vs. Taking in the Knowledge Economy

Here’s a fascinating interview with Wharton business professor Adam Grant, author of Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success, who talks about how, in the knowledge economy, our willingness

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Ashton Applewhite on Ageism

How Ageism Undermines The Reinvention Process

Ashton Applewhite is an activist at the forefront of what may be one of the last civil rights struggles: the fight against ageism. Her mission, as she puts it, “is to put ageism on the same page

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