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3 Transformative New Year’s Resolutions for Boomers

Many Boomers are facing uncertain careers as we transition into 2015. We grew up believing in a fading myth: that if we got a good Education, and diligently pursued our Career, that we would be rewarded for our dedication with a sustaining pension for our Retirement. For many of us, our 50s and 60s are […]

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Highlighting the Benefits of Aging

WSJ journalist Anne Tergesen talks about the clinical studies supporting  the idea that life just keeps getting better for aging adults, and that the benefits of aging are significant.  Factors like mood, mental acuity, decision making and accidents all turn out to be as good or better for older workers than for younger ones. I […]

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5 Key Reinvention Books Boomers Need To Read

If 2014 was the year the youngest boomers turned 50, then 2015 will be the year for us to look ahead at the inevitable economic and cultural shifts that will kick the concept of “retirement” very far down (if not completely off) the road. Any problem worth solving has a range of solutions, so as […]

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