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Cecelia Nadal & David Campbell: Encore.org’s Purpose Prize

Encore.org is preparing to honor the encore careers of social entrepreneurs and activists over 60 at next week’s Encore 2014 Conference: Building an Encore Nation in Tempe, AZ. Through recognizing these Boomer pioneers, I believe we will begin to define a better sense of what our generation is capable of in the coming decades, and, […]

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Why “Retirement” Is a Dirty, Dangerous Word

Retirement has gone from being an expected right and privilege to a broken promise and a cruel joke. No use crying over spilled milk, but let’s stop talking about Retirement as if it’s going to happen – or at least as if it’s going to happen the way they told us it was going to […]

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Glenn Cox – Mountie to Inventor

There are usually two inspirations for a great career reinvention: 1) The Epiphany, where a brilliant idea appears seemingly out of nowhere in our consciousness (and if we’re smart, we’ll write it down and figure out a way to make it happen), or 2) The Inspiration, where we meet or listen to someone, or witness […]

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How To Face The World After You’ve Been Downsized

Over the course of my 2.5-career reinventions over the past 25 years, my three top lessons have been 1) don’t define yourself through your resume, 2) going back to school can jumpstart your reinvention when you run out of ideas and resources, and this week, I’ll talk about 3) reframe losing a job as a […]

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