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Shifra Raz & Benny Rubinstein – A 5-Year Backpack Adventure

Shifra Raz, 68, and Benny Rubinstein, 70, seem like just another happily retired couple living in Santa Monica, CA. Shifra was a teacher for much of her career, while Benny was trained as an engineer and worked as a project manager in the Southern California aerospace industry. Both Israeli immigrants to the U.S., they met […]

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Louisa Hellegers – Publishing Exec to Non-Profits & Beyond

For Boomers who have spent their career mostly in one or two jobs within the same industry, the prospect of flipping to a new career after so many years can be beyond daunting. It is inspiring when we discover Boomer compatriots who demonstrate that setting an intention, coupled with a sense of purpose, can make […]

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