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David Levine – From Options Trader to Senior Care Provider

Many Boomers who are well into their 50s and working in well-established careers fear that there is an end in sight to their long-held and once-secure positions. Those of us in this situation are who Emilio Pardo, President of AARP’s Life Reimagined Project calls the “working worried.” But there are more and more stories about […]

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Lynn Gray – Campus Recruiting Consultant

“Recruiting is my livelihood, and my passion.” This simple and powerful statement summarizes Lynn Zuckerman Gray’s bio on the website for her business, Campus Scout (www.gocampusscout.com) a service that connects corporate hiring managers to talented millennial-generation job candidates, and represents employers on college campuses nationwide.

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Im-Ja Choi – Social Entrepreneur

Baby Boomers are often caught in a difficult bind. Many of us are still in the process of launching our kids out into the real world after high school or college, while also confronting the health care needs of our aging parents. Some of us not only rise to these challenges, but go a few […]

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