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Janet Scully – Attorney

Let’s assume that we’re all going to hit a wall in our careers sooner or later. If we’re 50 or over, and it hasn’t already happened, be on the lookout. This installment is a personal story about a longstanding friend of mine, a New York lawyer named Janet Scully who worked for 22 years as […]

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Susan Burton – Community Activist

Personal and career reinvention can be achieved through service to others. This is Susan Burton’s experience, and hers is an inspiring story of determination and dedication. As an African-American woman from South Central Los Angeles, Burton was incarcerated six times over 20 years for drug-related offenses. Her young son had died accidentally, and the system […]

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B.P. Agrawal – Social Entrepreneur

The adage that “all politics is local” might also apply to social entrepreneurship and career reinvention. Bhagwati (B.P.) Agrawal is a social entrepreneur with a stellar corporate track record who decided to pivot into the non-profit world to address dire circumstances 7,000 miles away in his home state of Rajasthan in India.

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